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Introduction to Great Tradition Courses

Great Tradition Courses

The Adidam University offers educational programs for both children and adults through locations worldwide and online.

Avatar Adi Da uses the singular term “Great Tradition” to refer to the world’s traditions of truly human culture, practical self-discipline, perennial religion, universal religious mysticism, esoteric (but now openly communicated) Spirituality, and Transcendental Wisdom. The Great Tradition includes not only historical traditions, but contemporary traditions such as modern science that propose or suggest a comprehensive world view.

Adidam, and Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom-Teaching, fully embraces the Great Tradition of humanity’s wisdom from all cultures, religions, arts, sciences, philosophies, and eras of history. This is our “common inheritance” of wisdom, and Avatar Adi Da Samraj has created the unique means by which all traditions can be understood and critically appreciated as a single, dynamic Great Tradition. The Adidam University looks to serve all of humanity's freedom to consider and be transformed by this wisdom, and to benefit by this unique offering of Adidam.


Great Tradition courses will include introductory offerings for those with no prior background in study of Adidam or the Great Tradition as well as general courses, including courses for formal members of Adidam engaged in detailed study as part of their spiritual practice and courses for children. Course formats will include self-study, online, distance learning, and local classes/seminars. A catalog of all Great Tradition courses will also be available.