* Topical Course on Sexuality *

The Treasure “Consideration”

A Five-Week Course on Basic Emotional-Sexual Self-Understanding in the Way of Adidam

In 1996, Avatar Adi Da asked devotees if they had yet received the “treasure locked up in their parents attic”: the capability to be love and use all of the faculties of the body-mind in a humanly mature and fully integrated manner. This course takes you through that very consideration, offering you Avatar Adi Da’s gift of self-understanding and the means to grow beyond your emotional-sexual bondage.

Five sessions

Self-study or local class (with qualified group leader)

Prerequisite: Membership in the first or second congregation of Adidam

Required texts: Course booklet

No enrollment necessary

To purchase this course book, contact the Adidam Emporium: emporium@adidam.com or 1-877-770-0772 (outside North America 707-928-6653).