* General Course for “Source-Text” Study *

“Source-Text” Video Presentation Series

Presentations by top Adidam speakers on key “Source-Texts”

Vol 1: James Alwood on The Seven Stages Of Life
Jonathan Condit on He-and-She Is Me

Vol 2: James Alwood on The Only Complete Way To Realize The Unbroken Light Of Real God
Bill Stranger on “Do Not Misunderstand Me

Vol 3: Jonathan Condit on Aham Da Asmi—two presentations

Approx. 1 hour per presentation

Self-study videos only

Prerequisites: Membership in the first or second congregation of Adidam

No enrollment necessary

To purchase these videos, contact the Adidam Emporium: emporium@adidam.com or 1-877-770-0772 (outside North America 707-928-6653).