* General Course for “Source-Text” Study *

Aham Da Asmi Online Course

Experience the new, interactive online course format!

Aham Da Asmi is the first of Avatar Adi Das twenty-three Divine “Source-Texts”, and communicates the core of His Divine Revelation. This online educational course can be used as self-study or can form the core of a guided class. Each session of this course includes a RealAudio presentation on the material, discussion and essay questions, summary points, and a self-grading online quiz. An online final exam marks the completion of the course of study.

Three sessions

Online course only

Prerequisites: Membership in one of the three congregations of Adidam

Required texts: Aham Da Asmi (2000 edition)


Note: The required text for this course is available online from the Adidam Emporium or by calling 1-877-770-0772 (outside North America 707-928-6653).