General Adidam Courses

“General” courses offered by the Laughing Man Institute worldwide cover the entire scope of Avatar Adi Daís Wisdom-Teaching. These include in-depth study of His twenty-three “Source-Texts”, courses that support the progression of levels of practice in Adidam, and topical courses on devotion, diet, sexuality, death, and so on.


The “Source-Texts” of Adidam are the scriptural Works that summarize and elucidate both the essential arguments and the progressive unfolding of the Way of Adidam as Revealed by Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Thus, study of Avatar Adi Daís “Source-Texts” is the essential means for understanding His Offering and intensifying practice of Adidam. This section also includes study of Avatar Adi Da’s Biography The Promised God-Man Is Here.

A Study Guide to The Promised God-Man Is Here

Aham Da Asmi Online Course

A Study Guide to Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness Of Unbroken Light

A Study Guide to The Mummery

The Mummery Companion Booklet, “Only The Horse Knows”

“Source-Text” Video Presentation Series

Levels of Practice

Levels of Practice courses are specifically tailored to serve individuals in understanding and fulfilling their particular level of practice in Adidam as well as growing through and beyond that stage of practice.

Third and Fourth Congregations:

Always Invoke Me, Feel Me, Breathe Me, and Serve Me


The Heartís Awakening


Avatar Adi Da has addressed every aspect of human life and Spiritual growth in His Revelation of Adidam. Topical courses cover specific areas of His Wisdom-Teaching in-depth, either for consideration by those who are new to Adidam or for those intensifying practice in any area of the Way of Adidam.


Study Guide to A Mastered Life

First Be Devoted To Me

Death and Dying:

Easy Death Workbook

“Death Is A Living Process”: The Mate Moce Guide to Serving the Dying

Diet and Health:

The Yoga of Right Diet

Right Diet in the Way of Adidam

Da Prana Ratha


The Treasure Consideration

Emotional-Sexual self-Understanding

Cooperative Community:

Study Guide to I Give You The Gift of One Another

Annual Cycle of Adidam Celebrations:

Current courses


“Use My Word” Manual