* The Vision of Mulund Institute presents*

Love, Wisdom, and Happiness

A Conscious Childrearing Course for Parents, Teachers, And Everyone Else Who Loves and Serves Children

"Every child must be free and ecstatic at the simple native level of his or her own existence. Children must be awakened to feel that they are associated with an Infinite Power or Mystery that sustains them, that gave them birth, that is their Destiny, and that is the Power that moves their entire future if they will associate with It rightly" — Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

This four-week course studies the extraordinary Wisdom-Teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj on the process of raising children for a Divinely Realized Life. The seven stages of life, Avatar Adi Das schema that addresses human and Spiritual development from birth to Real-God Realization forms the context for studying the first three stages of life adaptation (birth to approximately 21 years).

While this course is especially useful for those who serve children and young people, anyone can benefit greatly from Avatar Adi Das illuminating Wisdom-Instruction on the early-life adaptation required for all who would aspire to grow to Spiritual maturity.

The instructors for this course, Stephanie Samuels, Canada Shannon, and Richard Silk are experienced teachers in the Adidam schools and longtime devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj who have directly participated in His Teaching Demonstration. This joining of special talents and expertise makes this a rare educational opportunity.

This course will be offered in Lake County on Monday evenings and in Marin County on Wednesday evenings. It will also be offered via "Live" Internet audio connection Monday evenings (Pacific Standard Time) and Wednesday evenings (Eastern Standard Time). See below for details.

Beginning Monday, November 26 through Monday, December 17 7:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, Lake County location to be announced "Live" Internet audio connection available

Beginning Wednesday, November 28 through Wednesday, December 19 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (4:30 PM pacific Standard Time) "Live" Internet audio connection only

Beginning Wednesday, November 28 through Wednesday, December 19 7:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, Marin County location to be announced

Course fees: $200 general, $175 formal members of the Third Congregation of Adidam, $125 formal members of the Second Congregation of Adidam

For more information, and to register write to education.registrar@adidam.org, or call:
(707) 928-4997, for more information

To find out more about the Vision of Mulund Institute (VMI) or the Adidam Youth Fellowship, contact VMI at: vmi@adidam.org.