* Conscious Childrearing Booklet Series *

Produced by the Vision of Mulund Institute, this booklet series covers all the major areas of conscious childrearing. The series is a real requirement for all who serve children and young people (and all who want to better understand themselves). Collect all five, and you will have a summary manual on Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom relative to raising children. (Please note that the content of the first two booklets has also been published in book form.)

Booklet One:

Love, Wisdom, and Happiness in the First Three Stages of Life, Part One

Full of Talks by Avatar Adi Da, some never published before, this booklet concentrates on: Avatar Adi Da’s overall general principles relative to serving children and young people, and His Wisdom about growth in the first three stages of life--for children and for adults.

Booklet Two:

Love, Wisdom, and Happiness in the First Three Stages of Life, Part Two

This booklet focuses on all the practicalities of serving children and young people in the first three stages of life, from birth to age 21. Combined with booklet #1, it completes Avatar Adi Da’s Instruction about the first three stages.

Booklet Three:

The Practice of Ecstasy with Children

A comprehensive guide to children’s devotional life, this booklet focuses on how to attract children and young people into devotional relationship with Avatar Adi Da. It presents detailed instruction on engaging devotional practices, including meditation, puja, chanting, laying on of hands, contemplative walks, likhita japa, "five off the wall", and more.

Booklet Four:

Discipline Is an Act of Love

Booklet four outlines the principle of discipline in the Way of Adidam--altogether and specifically for children. It lists specific disciplines and schedules for children and offers Avatar Adi Da’s Wisdom relative to intimacy as the necessary foundation for discipline.

Booklet Five:

Sex and General Life-Practice

This booklet gives Avatar Adi Da’s Instruction on all areas of practical life for children and young people: diet, health, exercise, conductivity, service, and safety; as well as His unique Instruction on the practice relative to sexuality for children and young people in the first three stages of life. It includes Talks by Avatar Adi Da on the principles of how to relate to sexuality for young people (and adults).

These booklets are available online from the Adidam Emporium or by calling 1-877-770-0772 (outside North America 707-928-6653).