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A Note About Avatar Adi Da's Unique Use of Language

The writings of Adi Da Samraj employ conventions of capitalization, punctuation, and underlining that differ in various ways from standards commonly applied in written American English.

These unique conventions, which sometimes vary even within the separate sections of a text, are an intrinsic part of Adi Da's Communication. They have been developed by Him to support His Revelation that it is the dualistic and separative point of view of the ego that prevents the Realization of Reality — a point of view that is also the basis for ordinary speech and written language. Adi Da Samraj writes,

The conventions of everyday speech and writing are based on a social convention that is, in Reality Itself, untrue. The "I" of the presumed separate and independent "self" is an illusory (or, in Reality Itself, non-existing) and abstract... identity, by which.... all common spoken and written language is proposed.

His writing, He says, "is not spoken or communicated from — or, Ultimately, even to — the egoic "point of view". Therefore, He says, a "unique convention" was developed for His writing that is a visual representation or "picture" of a form of speech that is not based on egoity.

It is the intent of Adi Da that this form of the writing will enable you to be "Released from having to exercise the egoic vision and its separate and separative "point of view". "The unusual conventions", He writes, "interrupt the common flow of mind, and Signal the Heart of 'you' that this moment Is The Necessary Instant of Self-Awakening- — to Be As 'you' Are."

Additionally, those who are formal devotees of Avatar Adi Da use in their writings capitalized pronouns and other words as a sign of respect for Adi Da and the Divine Reality that He has Revealed.

Below you will find selected passages from some of Avatar Adi Da Samraj's books — in printer-friendly PDF format, so that you can print them out for reading and study.

Avatar Adi Da and His Reality-Way

  1. I Am The One Who Would Awaken You
    The function of the Divine Guru as the "Sunlight in the morning", Awakening beings from the dream of separation and suffering.
    – from The Ancient Walk-About Way
  2. I Am The Avataric Divine Gift of The "Bright"
    — and of The "Thumbs" That Reveals It

    Adi Da's early-life Revelation of His own Divine State of "Brightness" and His unique Means of Spiritually Transmitting the "Bright" (by Means of the "Thumbs").
    – from The Perfect Tradition
  3. The Way of Perfect Outshining
    Adidam as the ultimate process of "Brightening" beyond the suffering universe.
    – from Perfect Philosophy
  4. I Am Here To Awaken A "Bright" New Age of Global Humankind
    A prophetic Calling for a new basis for the future of humankind.
    – from Not-Two Is Peace
  5. The Liberating Relationship
    Avatar Adi Da's profound Confession of the purpose and process of the relationship to Him.
    – from The Dawn Horse Testament Of Avatar Adi Da
  6. The Super-Physics of Divine Enlightenment
    The unique advantage the Divine Master brings to humanity.
    – from The Ancient Walk-About Way
    Read The Super-Physics of Divine Enlightement as a web page

Looking Deeply at Human Experience

  1. Humankind Is Literally One Family
    The crucial importance of the prior unity of humankind.
    – from Not-Two Is Peace
  2. The Wound of Love
    Avatar Adi Da's beautiful description of the responsibility of love and mutual trust.
    – from The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar
  3. Sex, Laughter and Real-God-Realization
    The true nature of human sexuality, human nature, and natural events in the Light of Real-God-Realization.
    – from the Truth for Real booklet series
  4. Renouncing the Search for the Edible Deity
    A discourse on living beyond the patterns of human desire and seeking.
    – from The Yoga of Right Diet

Religion, Science, and God

  1. The Parental Deity and The One to Be Realized
    An address to the difference between the idea of God as "Parent" and the "Real God" that Is the Divine Reality.
    – from Religion and Reality
  2. Religion and Science
    Tools for a right understanding of religion and science, and the relationship between them.
    – from Real God Is The Indivisible Oneness Of Unbroken Light
  3. And My Heart-Truth Is Obvious If The
    Heart Itself Is Seen With Open Eyes

    The Real Nature of God.
    – from The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar

The Seven Stages of Life

  1. The Seven Stages of Life
    A brief summary of Avatar Adi Da's seven-stage schema and how it has manifested throughout human history.
    – from The Basket of Tolerance booklet series

Commentary on the Great Tradition

  1. The Stigmata (and Religious Phenomena in General)
    "The Stigmata (and Religious Phenomena in General) Are a Tradition-Inspired Product of Human Psycho-Physical Participation in the Unity and Ultimate Divinity of Reality, and Not a 'Miracle' or 'Proof' of an 'Outside' God"

    Avatar Adi Da's explanation of the mystical process that can produce uncommon psycho-physical phenomena — including commentary on the famous stigmatist Padre Pio.
    – from The Basket of Tolerance booklet series

Further Reading

  1. Avatar Adi Da's Final Summary Description of His Dialogue with Swami Muktananda
    An excerpt from Avatar Adi Da's summary Essay on His relationship to His Lineage-Gurus and to the Great Tradition altogether.
    – additional material for A Confrontation of Dharmas
  2. The Five-Sheath Structure of the Human Body-Mind-Complex
    ...and the Relationship of That Structure to the Fifth Stage Yogic Understanding of the Nature of Liberation, Including the Nature and Significance of the "Blue Pearl" - excerpted from the book Santosha Adidam
    – additional material for A Confrontation of Dharmas
  3. The Way Becomes Conscious
    Chapter 18 of The Knee of Listening (as it will appear in the final forthcoming edition)
    – additional material for A Confrontation of Dharmas

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