The Universal Scientism of Modern Society

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The Gnosticon

The Universal Scientism of Modern Society

Part Four of:
"The Old Religions, the New Scientism,
and the Awakening of the Psyche"

by His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Editors' note: The following is an updated version of the Talk originally published in Vision Mound magazine (Volume 2, Number 9, May/June 1979), and also in Laughing Man magazine (Volume 5, Number 4, 1985).

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: It is only in recent centuries that people have lost their psychic connection to the universe, and "religion" has become nothing more than a collection of moral precepts for downtown life, for how to manage your business, and so forth.

Right "religion" and true Spirituality are both based on the psychic connection to Reality.

There can be no right "religion" or true Spirituality without psychic activity. Right "religion" and true Spirituality are founded on the disposition of the psyche, the feeling core of the being.

Avatar Adi DaContemporary "religion" has no psyche remaining from its etheric origins — only verbal mind and meaningless, heartless rituals. It is not based on a sense of the invisible realities with which one must enter into right association.

In order to live a truly "religious" or Spiritual Way of life, human beings must move beyond the stupidity of the verbal mind — which has no sympathy, no heart, no feeling, no psyche.

They must move beyond the stupidities of the mere bodily exploitation that is inevitably engaged when people are frozen in this mind-without-a-psyche. In this "late-time" (or "dark" epoch), the usual individual is limited to verbal thinking and exploitation of physical "experience".

Everything else is taboo. The individual cannot go beyond the hard-edged appearance of the physical body, because one is not permitted one's own psyche.

Precisely what is wrong with the universal scientism of modern society — and the forms of politics that derive from that scientism — is that the modern scientific "world"-view and modern politics do not permit the human being his or her psyche.

Scientism constantly forces the human being to stand face to face with nothing but elemental "experience". It denies all reality to the higher dimensions — which, since ancient times, have been recognized by human beings as their fundamental resource.

Scientism denies the connection to the energies and "creative" sources of the "world". Human beings are denied right "religion" and true Spirituality by scientism.

Scientism is simply an activity of the verbal mind. It is oriented toward the investigation of elemental phenomena without any psychic participation in the "world".

Even when scientists investigate phenomena that are not merely elemental, but that belong to the realm of energies and the psyche, they do not study these things through the psyche. They study them "objectively", as if these invisibles were butterflies under a pin.

However, in order to investigate such phenomena, one must enter into "consideration" of them through the medium of the psyche — through feeling, through intuition, through all the aspects of the mind and heart that precede verbal consciousness.

In this "late-time" (or "dark" epoch), people are not permitted to recognize and acknowledge the invisible dimensions of existence. Nor are they permitted any psychic connection to those dimensions, or to anything else for that matter.

People are encouraged to watch TV and go to work and wait for science to save everyone. But science can never save anyone. Science is not a "method" of salvation.

There is no salvation without psychic awakening. Science, however, is not a psychic activity or adventure. Therefore, it does nothing for the psyche of the individual. It is simply a "method" for the investigation of aspects of the "objectified", "experiential" universe.

It can produce useful technologies and benign changes in the environment, but it cannot improve human life in any fundamental sense — because human beings can be Liberated only if there is psychic awakening and psychic participation in the universe.

That the scientific materialist "point of view" dominates human beings is a profoundly negative state of affairs, because science strictly anathematizes the awakening of the psyche of human beings.

The propaganda of scientific materialism is about the total anathematization of the psyche. Whatever benign changes science may bring technologically, scientific materialism represents a philosophy that is opposed to the psychic awakening of human beings.

That is what is wrong with it. As soon as anyone shows an inclination toward psychic life, toward the things of the psychic realm, toward mysticism, toward right "religion" or true Spirituality, he or she is considered crazy, bizarre.

The historical origin of scientism is the rebellion of the verbal mind against the institution that tyrannized it. Scientism was a reaction to "religious" institutions and other movements in human cultures that prevented the free exercise of mental activity.

Scientism appeared as a reaction to that oppression, in order to permit the free exercise of the verbal mind. That reaction was positive, and a certain aspect of science and scientific influence is certainly positive. However, because of that original reaction, scientism now supports the psychology that wants to exclude the awakening of the psyche.

Scientism represents a new kind of priesthood, a different kind of Church, against which others must now rebel. There must be the free exercise of the verbal mind and of intellectual enquiry, but there must also be the free exercise of the human psyche.

Human beings must be permitted psychic association with the universe. If they are denied such association, they become crazy. And that is exactly what has happened. These few hundred years in which the scientific materialist "point of view" has gradually become dominant have emptied human culture of its psychic associations.

Now humankind is looking toward a future of technological domination — a heartless "world", a human "world" without psyche.

It is not only totalitarianism that is represented in the image of the future depicted by science fiction. It is a human "world" without human psyche. It is a universe without a psychic dimension — a merely physical universe, rather than a psycho-physical universe.

The current state of so-called "culture" reflects the same lack. True culture depends on the life of the human psyche.

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The modern scientific "world"-view and modern politics do not permit the human being his or her psyche.

There must be the free exercise of the verbal mind and of intellectual enquiry, but there must also be the free exercise of the human psyche.