Right 'Religion' and True Spirituality

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The Gnosticon

Right "Religion" and True Spirituality

Part Five of:
"The Old Religions, the New Scientism,
and the Awakening of the Psyche"

by His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Editors' note: The following is an updated version of the Talk originally published in Vision Mound magazine (Volume 2, Number 9, May/June 1979), and also in Laughing Man magazine (Volume 5, Number 4, 1985).

Avatar Adi Da Samraj: The scientific community must understand that its positive aspect is its orientation toward free intellectual enquiry. The old "religious" institutions perpetuated an understanding of the physical universe that was characterized by mythology and nonsense.

Fresh and direct enquiry into phenomena needed to be permitted. That aspect of the emergence of science was completely positive.

The "religious" institutions that existed when scientism began to appear were not founded in Truth. They were downtown institutions, conventional institutions — institutions without saints and without wisdom.

Avatar Adi DaHowever, in throwing away this half-baked "religion", humankind has thrown away all psychic enquiry into the universe. Intellectual enquiry into "experience" certainly has its social value — but psychic enquiry into the universe is equally essential, and it is more fundamental. It is primary.

The free exercise of the psyche can move in any number of directions — resulting in both great teachings and lesser teachings. The so-called "teaching" of conventional "religion" — and the intelligence that one acquires in the streets and in the school of the common "world" — is no teaching at all. It is the lowest form of human communication, because it denies that the psyche is fundamental to right human life.

Humankind must not live by the things of the "world", by the "objects" of "experience", by the elemental fleshly life, by thinking alone.

To "sin" is to "miss the mark", to be without a psyche. It is to be enamored of things themselves, to have lost the psychic feeling-connection to Reality, and to be turned in on oneself without consciousness.

To be awakened from "sin" is to "meet the mark", to be awakened in your psyche, in your heart. Humankind must live by the psyche, the unlimited feeling-nature.

My Function as the Divine Avataric Master is to Restore this understanding, this awareness, to Reveal the nature of all "experience". I do not represent any single convention of human "experience" — whether etheric or astral or Transcendental. I Am Perfectly Aware of all "experience", all phenomena of human life.

Therefore, I Am here to Establish a culture based on the Most Perfect Realization of Truth, in which all aspects of the structure of human "experience" are freely allowed and rightly understood.

Human beings must realize a right sympathy with both the etheric life and the astral life — and, in due course, they must go beyond both the etheric and the astral, in the Transcendental Realization of Reality.

Ultimately, human beings must Most Perfectly Realize the Divine (or Transcendental and Spiritual) Reality Itself — by means of the practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage Reality-Way of Adidam.

In that True Process of Realizing Reality Itself, there is no motive or effort to exclude bodily life. My devotee's manner of living must represent right relationship to the Divine Reality, and (through that relationship) to all of the manifestations of the universe — gross (or elemental), subtle (or etheric and astral), and causal (or "root"-egoic) — that arise as modifications of That Reality.

By remaining in right association with the Divine Reality My devotees are Awakened by My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Grace — and, thus and thereby, they see through the limits of their "experience", transcending the phenomena that otherwise bind them.

I Communicate the "Radical" Way of life-in-Truth, Which makes possible the right disposition toward all the phenomena of "experience". Therefore, I Criticize all the forms of exclusive acculturation, all of the less-than-absolute persuasions.

You may hear Me Criticize all kinds of "religious" and psychic and mystical and Transcendental approaches, without denying what is real about them. I Criticize the limited "point of view" — and the limitation in "experience" and understanding — of each approach.

I also constantly Criticize the ordinary "worldly" life. Not because people enjoy themselves — enjoyment itself is positive. But there is no psyche in the enjoyment of the usual human being — no heart, no Truth, no life.

The culture of the "late-time" (or "dark" epoch) is obsessed with the anathematization of the psyche. To the degree that people become involved in psychic life at all, they are involved in some little compartment of it, some creepy, petty aspect of it that is not Real-God-Realizing.

I Communicate the Disposition of the True Divine Heart in absolute terms — the Reality-Way That involves the psychic, or heartfelt, relationship to everything.

I Communicate the Reality-Way of whole bodily surrender — via the heart, or the psyche — to the Absolute Reality.

In the process of the Reality-Way of Adidam, you may, through your awakening to the psyche, become aware of uncommon phenomena that are not discussed on television.

You are perfectly free to "experience" everything from ghosts and invisible forces to the most sublime subtle visions or absorption in the Absolute Transcendental Consciousness — and you are obliged to transcend it all, through heartfelt understanding and the feeling-surrender of the total body-mind and all "experience" into the all-and-All-Surrounding and all-and-All-Pervading Divine Transcendental Spiritual Conscious Light.

Just as scientific enquiry must be free, so also must psychic enquiry be free of all kinds of nonsense. As it exists today, "religion" is largely comprised of accretions of nonsense, the archaic ideas and presumptions of very ordinary people.

Right "religion" and true Spirituality is the communication of Adept-Realizers, whose voices must be honored by humankind. People who are moved to practice "religion" must do so rightly — as a rightly "religious" (and, potentially, truly Spiritual) Way of life.

Likewise, science, or free intellectual enquiry, must also be permitted its freedom, its special function in human culture.

However, scientism must be purified of its anti-psychic bias. If it is not so purified, it will continue to represent an evil influence in human culture — an influence that is dominating human life, denying the psychic need and destroying the psychic potential of the human being.

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Just as scientific enquiry must be free, so also must psychic enquiry be free of all kinds of nonsense.

Right "religion" and true Spirituality is the communication of Adept-Realizers, whose voices must be honored by humankind.