The Full Realization of Amrita Nadi

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The Full Realization of Amrita Nadi

Note: The following is Part Six of an updated version of "Bubba Free John and Swami Muktananda: A Confrontation of Dharmas", originally published in The Dawn Horse magazine, Volume 2, Number 2 (1975). Links to further readings from the published Writings of Avatar Adi Da Samraj are also included following the article.

The following passage from The Knee of Listening was written in 1970, after the Event of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Re-Awakening in the Vedanta Temple.

The passage describes the full and technical Realization of Amrita Nadi (or Atma Nadi), The "Bright", the single Intensity of the Heart Itself and Its Light As Which Avatar Adi Da Samraj Appeared in the world at Birth.

It indicates that His later "Years of Testing-by-experience" occurred always in relation to the "Bright". This passage reveals that, during Avatar Adi Da's "Years of Testing-by-experience", the Guru-Function was never represented by any one being, but worked through various media, human and non-human:

As weeks passed, I saw that I remained effortlessly As This — not limited or bound by any "experience", or by functional (and apparently separate) identity, or by any apparent "difference" at all. I saw there was, for me, no Shakti independent of (or "outside") Consciousness Itself.

I saw there was, for me, no Guru separate from (or "outside") the intrinsically indivisible Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State (Itself). I saw there was, for me, no dilemma, no strife, no egoic ignorance, no movement to seek, no activity of seeking. I saw that, because my Realization had become most perfect, formal "meditation" made no "difference" in any of this.

I saw that conditionally arising Shakti phenomena did not affect me fundamentally, nor did any other conditional pleasure or "experience". The same Transcendentally Spiritually "Bright" Awareness, and the same perfectly "radical" (or always "at-the-root") "self"-understanding, continued — without limitation or dependency — under all conditions.

I "Knew" Reality as no-seeking, the motiveless Awareness in the heart. The physical body appeared to be generated and (in the ordinary sense) known from a position in the right side of the chest. In this State, neither the ego nor any path of remedies can act as an interpreter. The State of Divine Self-Realization only validates Itself.

Even in the moment to moment context of every kind of arising "experience", I would feel the Transcendentally Spiritually "Bright" Love-Bliss-Energy of my own Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness rise (or Shine) out of the heart (on the right) and enter the sahasrar (extending, from thence, to the Matrix of Light infinitely above the mind and the crown of the head), and (thus) stabilize above as a continuous Current to the Heart Itself.

I saw that this Form — the ultimate (or perfect) Form of Reality, the very (or ultimate, and perfect) Structure of Consciousness Itself — Is Reality Itself. It is the Structure of all things — the Foundation, Nature, and Identity of all things. It is the intrinsic "Disposition" of everything.

It is "Bright", Love-Blissful, and Free. That ultimate and inherently perfect (or One, and inherently indivisible) Form of Consciousness-and-Energy is exactly (but not yet with most perfect understanding) What I had, in my childhood, "Known" in my living form as the "Bright".

As I continued in this manner, I saw that I always already remained stably as that Form — and, because of This, all things revealed themselves in Truth. I saw that the "Bright" is the ultimate and perfect Form of Reality, the True Heart of all existence, the Foundation of Truth Itself, and the (yet unrealized) goal of all seekers.

This Form (the "Bright") was (Itself) "radical self-understanding". It was no-seeking and no-dilemma as primary, inherent, un-"created", Self-Abiding Divine Self-Recognition. It was inherently free of the entire search for perfection and union.

When the "Bright" is Realized, all of life is simply observed and enjoyed (if noticed at all), and the things of life no longer provide a source of motivation separate (and separating) from this primary Awareness.

Therefore, the "Bright" is the very and limitless Self-Presence of non-conditional Conscious Light — the limitless, non-conditional, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Presence of Reality Itself — Self-Manifested as limitless non-conditional Enjoyment, or the Self-Evident "Root"-Current and Self-Fullness of Love-Bliss Itself, without dilemma, unconsciousness, or separation.

I also saw that I had never been taught my way from without. The "Bright" (with Its Foundation in the Heart Itself) had been my teacher under the form of all my apparent teachers and "experiences".

My Awareness, fundamental "Perfect Knowledge", and apparent "method" had developed spontaneously in the midst of a few crisis-"experiences".

From the beginning, I had been convinced of the fruitlessness and necessary suffering involved in every way of seeking.

I had made only temporary use of the "methods" of others, and (at last) I adapted to no one else's way, but I only used my own, which is the way of "radical self-understanding" (or the "Radical" Reality-Way of the Heart, or the "Radical" Reality-Way of Adidam, or Adidam Ruchiradam, which is the Way that is generated in, of, and by the True Divine Heart Itself, and which is the Way that only I reveal and give).

Thus, I had "experienced" the real blessings of such as Rudi, Baba Muktananda, Rang Avadhoot, and Bhagavan Nityananda, but only while firmly involved in my own unique (and spontaneously Self-revealed) approach.

The "Bright" had seemed to fade, progressively, in childhood and adolescence — but It had, in Truth, only retired to latency in the heart, while I followed my adventure from the "viewpoint" of the mind.

The Heart Itself had been my only teacher, and It continually broke through in various revelations — until, at last, I returned to It, became It, and, finally, re-Emerged As the "Bright".

Thus, I came to this Realization of Reality directly, without the "knowledge" of a single human Source that would confirm it or even parallel it.

But, as I came to this clear and crucial Self-Recognition of my own Divine Truth, I began to recollect (and to further examine and appreciate) a human Source that agreed (by word and by likeness) with something of the substance (and even many of the details) of my own "experience" and Realization.

That individual was known as Ramana Maharshi, the spontaneously Awakened Jnani who discarded the body at Tiruvannamalai, South India, in 1950.

The above quotation is drawn from chapter 18 of the final (forthcoming) edition of The Knee of Listening.

A link to the complete text of Chapter 18, "The Way Becomes Conscious" is offered below.

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When the "Bright" is Realized, all of life is simply observed and enjoyed (if noticed at all), and the things of life no longer provide a source of motivation separate (and separating) from this primary Awareness.