Truth About God

The Truth About God

Readings from The Aletheon

The Truth About God

Readings from The Aletheon
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

  1. The God Who Is Imagined and The God Who Truly Exists
    "It is not true that there is such a Parental Deity controlling history, working out a great 'success-plan' for humanity."
    There Is Much More To Reality
    "There Is the Great Being, the Great Divine Reality. There Is That Truth. And there is the Way of entering into the Realization of That One."
  2. The Dogma of Atheism
    "Atheism is not founded on real observation of the ultimate facts of the universe. Rather, it is a kind of adolescent development of the human species."
    Atheism is Realism and Materialism
    "Atheism proposes a myth and a 'method' for ego-fulfillment that is based on phenomenal realism, rather than 'religious' idealism (or the culture of the conventional 'God'-idea)."
  3. Real God Is Not the "Cause" of Anything
    "It is part of the ego-game to think of 'God' as the 'First Cause', or the 'Cause' of everything."

The Self-Authenticating Truth:

Essays from The Aletheon

The essays collected in The Self-Authenticating Truth illuminate Avatar Adi Da's Calling for the "radical" simplicity of the devotional Way of Adidam, and profoundly magnify the philosophical "consideration" that He brings to humankind.


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