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The Truth About Human Life
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The Necessary Foundation of Right Life - part 7

Money Is Simply a Sign
of Human Energy

A reading from The Aletheon,
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

It has traditionally been said that money is "the root of all evil". However, this traditional saying does not mean that money itself is evil. In and of itself, money is neither positive nor negative. Money is simply a sign of human energy. Money is made into a positive or negative sign depending on one's disposition toward it and toward life altogether.

Avatar Adi DaTherefore, if you are My devotee, the necessary and inevitable involvement with money is something to be made right, something to be transformed — not something to be merely eschewed (or, otherwise, merely wasted).

My devotees must, both individually and collectively, re-orient and transform themselves relative to money. If you are My devotee, you must make money into an expression of the fullness of your devotional energy and your ego transcending disposition altogether, including your disposition toward the life-pattern of real and true cooperation.

My devotees are to make right creative use of all of their personal and collective energies, including money.

— From "The Necessary Foundation of Right Life"

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