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The Necessary Foundation of Right Life - part 4

Conscious Exercise
Is Mature (or Truly Human) Activity

A reading from The Aletheon,
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

In the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam, the basic disciplines relative to general health involve the maintenance of bodily equanimity and physical well-being through a right approach to healing and through (general physical) "conscious exercise", or the systematic exercises and general bodily practices that conduct natural human (and etheric) life-energy (and, as the case may be, My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Transcendental Spiritual Energy) throughout the whole (or total psycho-physical and intrinsically egoless) body.

The usual activity of the human being involves a compulsive breaking and obstructing of the "conductivity" of the natural life-energy (and, as the case may be, of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Transcendental Spiritual Energy), thereby giving rise to tensions and disharmonies of the bodily human being.

Avatar Adi DaHowever, by Means of the by-Me-Given discipline of "conscious exercise" — which includes mindfulness of bodily movement and posture (at random throughout the day, while standing, sitting, and walking, and also while engaging the "dead pose") and, also, the performance of formal routines of physical movement (at specific times of the day) — you are enabled to observe your characteristic rituals of bodily "self"-contraction and (instead, by Means of the exercise of the total Means of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam) enjoy (to the maximum degree possible in your natural case) a stable, harmonious condition of the body (and the total body-mind-complex).

In that maximally harmonious condition, both energy and attention are free (or available) — not only for the right engagement of the ordinary activities of daily life but for enacting every moment of every activity (whether of an ordinary or extraordinary kind) as devotional service to Me (engaged in devotional recognition-response to Me).

Therefore, as My devotee, learn to use the entire body-mind-complex consciously — in ordinary daily life, in sacred activity, and in meditation.

In and of themselves, physical exercises and traditional Yogic poses are not the ego-transcending discipline of "conscious exercise" that I have Given to My devotees. "Conscious exercise" is a unique and specific (by-Me-Given) approach to (and understanding about) exercise and all common daily activities.

In and of themselves, the physical exercises and traditional Yogic poses of the "daily form" of "conscious exercise" are simply structurally correct models for physical movement and posture (altogether).

In order to become "conscious exercise", those formalities of physical movement require not only the discipline of the physical body but also the simultaneous discipline of mind, emotion, and breath — in intrinsically ego-surrendering, ego-forgetting, and ego-transcending devotional Communion with Me.

Therefore, "conscious exercise" is not the same as conventional physical exercise — because "conscious exercise" is founded in the turning of the principal faculties of the body-mind-complex to Me. Thus, "conscious exercise" is mature (or truly human) activity, since only when all the functions of human existence are so coordinated do they become a single, non-problematic condition of existence that is rightly and fully aligned to the Acausal Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and Self-State of all-and-All.

The principal (or basic) physical regimens of "conscious exercise" I have Given (for all of which regimens I have Given fully elaborated Descriptions in Conscious Exercise and The Transcendental Sun) are Da Namaskar, Da Fours, Da Chi Gong, a recommended sequence of Hatha Yoga poses (and breathing exercises), a recommended sequence of calisthenics (engaged in a vigorous manner, but not to the point of excessive hyperventilation), and principles of ordinary bodily posture and movement (including conscious walking, standing, and sitting, as well as postures that support right "conductivity" practice and right physical balance in repose). In meditation and in devotional occasions, either sit cross-legged on a cushion, mat, or pad (of a material that insulates the body from the "grounding"-energy, and from the bodily-heat-absorbing results, of contact with the earth or the floor) or, if that is not physically possible, sit in an appropriately supportive chair or on an appropriately supportive bench.

Altogether, this discipline of "conscious exercise", including the various specific modes (or regimens) of exercise I have Described, is to be practiced daily (and even in every moment of life-activity) by My every devotee.

— From "The Necessary Foundation of Right Life"

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