Right Religion

The Truth About Religion:

Right Religion Is Not About
the Human Ego (part 3)

Conventional Religion Is Inherently False

A reading from The Aletheon,
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Conventional "religion" fails to turn people to the Realization of That to Which it points — and, therefore, conventional "religion" is inherently false. That is a "radical" message — but it is the fundamental message that is relevant to the issues of "religion" in present-time. The "ecumenical" message is not "It". Going Beyond "religion" — to That to Which "religion" points — is essential.

No form of conventional "religion" is "It" — and, indeed, conventional "religion" never was "It". However, the human misuse of "religious" possibility is purposed to make "religion" seem to be "It" — and even, in the centuries since the Western Renaissance, to make humanity (in and of itself) seem to be "It". In Truth, and in Reality, humanity is not "It".

In Truth, and in Reality, Only Real (Acausal) God Is "It". Only That Which Is God — Which Is Reality ItselfIs "It". Real (Acausal) God is not a myth. Real (Acausal) God is not merely an idea. Avatar Adi Da SamrajThe Existence of Real (Acausal) God cannot be disproven. And, paradoxically, the Existence of Real (Acausal) God cannot even be proven. Rather, the Existence of Real (Acausal) God is Self-Evident, or Self-Affirming and Self-Authenticating — because Reality Itself Is Inherently The Case, Inherently True, and Inherently Divine.

Rightly used, exoteric "religion" is something like a "picture book" for leading people to mature human understanding. However, if exoteric "religion" is not used in that manner, it becomes a "something" in and of itself. In that case, "religion" becomes false cultism, in one form or another — shoring up its own imagery, and reinforcing its "authority" and control over people within the domain of institutionalized lies. In the form of such ego-based cultism, "religion" does terrible harm to everyone.

The global human situation has now become a terrible collective calamity, a global tragedy with ego-based "religion" at its "root" — and such ego-based "religion" is utterly false.

Right "religious" practice is simply a Call to the Divine Condition That Is Reality Itself. That is What right "religious" practice is about. That is What right "religious" practice is for. And That is the Only Truth in right "religious" practice. Indeed, the Divine Condition That Is Reality Itself is the Only Truth in life altogether. Everything else is mummery, everything else is false.

The Divine is not false. However, human beings are, by tendency, false — and, therefore, they must be served to be rightened. Avatar Adi Da on the verandaIf the word "religion" is to be used at all, that process of rightening is the purpose of true right "religious" practice. Right "religious" practice turns people from separate "self" (or egoity, or the habit of "Narcissus", and the life of mere ideas) to Reality Itself, through a process of the Real transcending of egoity and comprehensive rightening of life. If "religion" does not do that, then it is merely part of the unspeakable "self"-deludedness of humankind, with its terrible present-time and potential results.

In this sense, I am not in the slightest "religious". I do not "believe" anything. The Prior renunciation (or intrinsic transcending) of all mere belief is the basis on which I have always lived — and the basis on which I have Done all of My Divine Avataric Work.

There are no mere ideas that must — or even should — be accepted absolutely. Indeed, there are no mere ideas that are acceptable As Truth.

Therefore, nobody on Earth has the right or calling to absolutely affirm the verity of anything for which they do not have absolute evidence — and there is not anything that Is Truth (or Really Absolute), except That Which Is Self-Evident As Reality Itself.

Look at all the affirming of "religious" doctrine in human society — always affirming mere ideas, and imperfect evidence, and even human lies and inventions to be absolute Truth! Where is the evidence that justifies making such absolute affirmations?

I am not speaking of any "religion" in particular. All "religions" are filled with such absolute affirmations — and such absolute affirmations are complete nonsense. People do not make these affirmations because they actually know them to Be Truth, or even because they have proven them to be (in the conventional sense) true — nor is it the case that these affirmations are referring to Self-Evident Reality Itself.

Truth Itself cannot be proven. Truth Itself is not in doubt. Therefore, neither can Truth Itself be disproven.

Reality Itself cannot be disproven — nor can Reality Itself be proven. Reality Itself is Intrinsically and tacitly Self-Evident.

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