Right Religion

The Truth About Religion:

Right Religion Is Not About
the Human Ego (part 2)

Reality Itself Is the Only God There Is

A reading from The Aletheon,
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Conventional "religion" and conventional esotericism only point toward Truth. The Perfect Realization of Truth Itself Transcends both conventional "religion" and conventional esotericism (and, thus, Perfectly Transcends the ego-"I"). Therefore, right "religious" practice directly relates to the Divine.

All human matters can be readily resolved when people are rightly re-associated with Reality Itself — or That Which Is Divine. Avatar Adi Da wearing a rudraksha malaWhen people are not thus re-associated, "religion" is simply another device that human beings use to shore up the ego, to give it a theatre in which to play — and, thus and therein, to generate forms of pseudo-identity and all the possible illusions associated with belonging to a collective pseudo-identity. To do so is to utterly misuse "religion" — because right "religious" practice is not about the human "self" (or the ego-"I").

Right "religious" practice is about That Which Transcends the human "self" (or the ego-"I"). Therefore, if "religion" has anything to say about human behavior, it is entirely in the context of the ego-transcending Non-"difference" from the Ultimate Divine Condition That Is Reality Itself.

"Religions" need to re-discover (and become re-directed toward) That to Which they are pointing. Ultimately, What right "religious" or esoteric practice points to is not within the context of the human body-mind-complex. In other words, What right "religious" or esoteric practice points to is not at all in the realm of the first six stages of life. What right "religious" or esoteric practice points to is Beyond all of that.

Of course, when That is discovered (or re-"Located"), that discovery (or re-"Locating") obviously has an immense impact on human behavior. In fact, that discovery (or re-"Locating") generates the course of right life altogether. However, even the generating of right life is a result (or a reflection) of the Realization of Truth Itself. In and of itself, right life is not Truth Itself.

Truth Itself Is Reality Itself. And Reality Itself Is the Only God There Is. All the mere "God"-ideas are reflections of the human entity, the human ego, the body-mind-"self". Therefore, with reference to Reality Itself (or to That Which Is Divine), all "religions" are inherently limited (and even, in and of themselves, false) — and, therefore, all "religions" can be grossly misused.

Avatar Adi Da in white with His StaffBecause conventional "religions" do not reach Beyond themselves to That Which Is Divine, every separate "religious" tradition becomes a "something" in and of itself — and "religion" is reduced to what is gross, and merely of a political and social nature, obsessed with the "self-righteousness" of "correct" social and sexual behavior, and darkened by social xenophobia, sexual paranoia, and every kind of prejudice based on "purity laws" and complex, loveless taboos. All of that is entirely "Narcissistic". Therefore, conventional (and "self"-deluded) participation in "religion" has all the negative results of "Narcissistic" behavior (or ego-based, separative behavior altogether).

"Religion" is not the only dimension of human life that is being misused. All aspects of human possibility are being misused — in exactly the same manner. It is simply that "religion" is one of the key dimensions of human life in which it can be clearly seen how the human entity works (individually and collectively) — and why egoity must be transcended. Therefore, mere "religion" (or any and all "religion" in and of itself) must be transcended.

Conventional "religion", in and of itself, is not the point — and much of conventional "religion" has now lost its legitimacy. The real esoteric process must be established, in present-time, with reference to Reality Itself. Reality Itself Is Divine. Reality Itself Is all the God there Is. Only Reality Itself Is the true esoteric process.

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