Lesson of Life

The Truth About Human Life

A reading from The Aletheon

The Lesson of Life

A reading from The Aletheon,
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Non-conditional Reality is modified (but only apparently) as the conditional reality. This must be Realized. Until This Truth is Realized, all conditional "experience" is a school with a single Lesson. This is the Lesson of Life: "I" cannot become Happy — "I" can only Be Happy.

The "self"-contracted being (or conditional "I") seeks Happiness conditionally, by pursuing and depending on conditions, "objects", and "others". This is an error, and the fault is profound.

Happiness is not a characteristic of conditional reality itself, but Happiness (or Love-Bliss) is an Inherent Characteristic of the Non-conditional (or Divine) Reality Itself. And the conditional reality is always a modification of the Non-conditional Reality.

Happiness (or Love-Bliss) Is Inherent in the Non-conditional (or Always Already) Condition of Reality — and, Therefore, It must be Inherently (and Most Perfectly, and not merely conditionally) Realized.

Avatar Adi DaI do not Call My devotee to become Happy by strategically separating body, emotion, or attention from conditions, "objects", and "others".

I do not say: Be dissociatively unmoved under all conditions and in all relations.

Rather, I Call My devotee to transcend the conditional and egoic "self"-contraction under all conditions and in all relations.

I Call My devotee to turn to Me moment to moment — and, thus and thereby, to transcend "self"-contraction under all conditions and in all relations.

Therefore, I Call My ego-transcending devotee to Be Happy, by to-Me-responsively relinquishing un-Happiness itself — which is only "self"-contraction itself — under all conditions, and in all relations, and always by Means of ego-transcending devotional Communion with Me. Without dissociative strategy, but only by responsively devotionally turning to Me, Me-Realizing Happiness (Itself) Intrinsically (and, Ultimately, Inherently Perfectly) Transcends all conditions and all conditional relations.

Inherent Happiness (or Love-Bliss) is Realized Prior to — but not by strategically excluding — conditions, conditional "objects", and conditional relations. Inherent Happiness (or Love-Bliss) is Realized in the context of present relationship (or under present conditions), when the "self"-contraction is utterly relinquished.

And, in the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam, that relinquishment is not a matter of strategic ego-effort (or the search that dramatizes "self"-contraction), but it is a matter of devotionally Me-recognizing and devotionally to-Me-responding (and responsively ego-surrendering, and ego-forgetting, and effectively ego-observing, ego-understanding, and ego-transcending) participatory resort to My "Brightly" Attractive Avatarically-Born bodily (human) Divine Form.

Life, in its Ultimate Fullness, is the Ordeal of right, true, and full Real-God-Love, even the Ordeal of the heart under extreme conditions.

The price of Happiness in every moment is release of "self"-contraction (and release of the search to acquire, hold on to, or strategically escape the conditions of conditional existence). This release is possible only if there is most fundamental "self"-understanding.

And that most fundamental "self"-understanding may be Fulfilled, Most Ultimately and Most Perfectly, only by Me-Distracted devotional Communion with Me, the Divinely Avatarically Self-Revealed Person of Reality Itself, Truth Itself, and Love-Bliss Itself.

— from "Alpha / Omega"

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