Revelation of Reality

Revelation of Reality

The "Source-Texts" of My Divine Avataric Word always Communicate Reality Itself in-present-time. . . .

The "Source-Texts" of My Divine Avataric Word are Addressed (by Me) directly to every particular individual — personally, but, also, in and As Reality Itself (and, Thus, Eternally Prior to the ego-"I"). Such is the Uniqueness of the Forever-Spoken Word of Reality Itself.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Aletheon

The Teaching of Avatar Adi Da is an unparalleled Revelation of the Truth — the Truth about everything that human beings have most deeply questioned and sought. His Teaching has no "outside sources". As He once said, "Everything I have Taught is something I have Lived."

Avatar Adi Da's very first Teaching "Utterances" were His childhood descriptions of His own Divine Self-Condition (which He called "the 'Bright'") and His own Means of Bringing the "Bright" into the world (which He called "the 'Thumbs'").

Those two words were pure Divine Self-Revelation. They did not represent His "theories" about anything. They were not His statement of how He hoped or wished things would be. They were not borrowings from some traditional source. They were His simple and direct Revealing of What Is the Case.

And this is true of everything Avatar Adi Da ever said or wrote. His Word is the direct Expression of "the way things Really Are", the experiential "report" of the egoless Divine Reality.

Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Teaching is ultimate precisely because it is a Self-Revelation. The "Bright", the Very Divine Reality, the Very Divine Person is Revealing Itself (or Himself) directly, through the medium of human language.

One of the great purposes for which Avatar Adi Da took birth was to speak the complete Word of Divine Truth to human beings in human language — because it had never before been fully and directly spoken. And that is exactly what He accomplished.

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To read (or Listen to) and understand My Divine Avataric Word is to be Acausally Released from having to exercise the egoic vision and its separate and separative "point of view".

Therefore, read, and Listen to, and recite, and feel (rather than merely think) the Words of My Divine Avataric Message.

The big and small letters of My Texted Gift always interrupt the common flow of mind, and Signal the Heart of "you" that this moment Is the Necessary Instant of Self-Awakening — to Be As "you" Are. . . .

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Aletheon

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