At heart, all are One.

—Adi Da Samraj


Avatar Adi Da Samraj has pointed out that one of the important aspects of the Work of the Great Adepts and Realizers of the world is the teaching of tolerance.

Without tolerance, cooperation on a global scale is impossible and peace cannot be realized. Additionally, Avatar Adi Da has said that all beings have a need to be associated with That Which is Greater than themselves.

As discussed in respect for different approaches, humankind must work toward an end to prejudice of any kind-whether on religious, ethnic, or sexual grounds.

Respect for Non-humans acknowledges that all non-human beings Contemplate the Divine, except when they are disturbed by something in their environment. The need to practice tolerance towards non-humans (and the natural world as a whole), being sensitive and allowing them to Contemplate, free of interference, is an important part of living peacefully.