Animal Bytes

Adi Da Samraj with Quiet Pete"Unusual, Inspiring Stories about Non-Humans from Many Sources"

Animal Bytes is a free service of Fear-No-More Zoo. Compiled and emailed weekly or twice monthly, Animal Bytes' purpose is to promote a deepening and ever widening awareness of the non-humans as living spiritual beings, as equally deserving of understanding as we are.

As Adi Da Samraj so beautifully said:

“At heart, a human being is not the slightest bit different from the reptiles, the birds, the former dinosaurs, the elephants, the plants, the trees, the wind, the sky, the microbes. Apart from their function in conditionality, all beings are the same.

“It is not that only human beings are full of ‘soul’ and everything else should be chopped up and eaten for lunch! If you examine beings other than the human, feel them, are sensitive to them, enter directly into relationship with them, you discover that they are the same—and not just the somewhat bigger ones but the mosquitoes, too, which you swat out as if they were nothing.”

Animal Bytes presents inspiring stories about non-humans, and human-non-human relations, from many sources. We invite your contributions of such stories too. Fear-No-More Zoo offers these stories for your upliftment, serious reflection, and enjoyment.