The Peace Law

by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

III. A Truly Cooperative Global Human Community (continued)

The active leaders of the cooperative global community (not only in government, but in every area of human endeavor) will have a uniquely great responsibility—for, even if individuals developing within the collective order of humankind yet suffer the self-caused disabilities of egoic living, the leaders who serve the cooperative global community must (without fail) preserve and protect the well-being of humankind (and of even all of Earthkind) as a whole, by really and consistently abandoning the self-centered, non-cooperative, and intolerant (or loveless) manner of life and the policies and activities that flow from it.

Humankind should realize (and gratefully accept) that it (and even all of Earthkind, and Earth itself) has had enough of humanly-caused global destructiveness and violence. As a collective, humankind has become a dreadful mob of competitive egos—head-to-head, toe-to-toe, always threatening “showdown” and “winner-takes-all”. It is a matter of the greatest present-time urgency that this prevailing global mood of political separatism, end-game competitiveness, and endlessly multiplied divisiveness be immediately and thoroughly and universally and permanently (or by means of the formal establishment of a global cooperative order of world populations) relinquished—such that the entire world population of humankind becomes universally intelligent with the heart-positive mind of cooperation and tolerance.