The Peace Law

by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

III. A Truly Cooperative Global Human Community

The only way beyond the chaos and destruction of war is for humankind as a whole to embrace the discipline of a truly cooperative global community. It is essential that each and all of the peoples and nations of the world go beyond their separate desires for dominance—by (each and all) relinquishing their wish to establish their separate racial or ethnic group, or their particular tradition of religion, or their separately idealized political system, or their any independently and exclusively presumed self-interest as supreme. Instead, humanity must accept its responsibility to manage itself as a globally interconnected total community—and (in the disposition of cooperation and tolerance) that total (or truly global) community must deal with the immense practical problems confronting the living world today (including overpopulation, disease, ecological and environmental problems, economic problems, and so forth). Through this cooperative global community, humankind must collectively address the terrible suffering (whether brought on by war, exploitation, poverty, or the harsh realities of nature) that is endured by vast numbers of the world's human (and non-human) population.