The Peace Law

by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

I. Why War Must No Longer Be Allowed (continued)

It may seem naive and idealistic to say that war must no longer be allowed, but this call for the eradication of war is, in fact, a necessary response to two basic realities: (1) the vastly increased availability of the weapons of mass destruction and (2) the ego-based (or self-centered) nature of the un-Enlightened human being. Given these realities, war must no longer be allowed as an option—because the potential destruction is far too great.

Therefore, in order to ensure its own survival, the human family must collectively make the choice to refuse and repudiate all acts of war. When that refusal and repudiation occurs, the governments of the world (and even militarily oriented “interest groups” of all kinds) can be collectively called upon to reject the very possibility of waging war. And, in order to hasten that collective rejection of war, people everywhere, and (particularly) leaders in all fields of human endeavor, must join in speaking this warning: War simply must be ended now—before it destroys humanity and the Earth itself.