The Peace Law

by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

V. No One Can Win—But Everyone Can Lose (continued)

To bring the cooperative global human community into existence is not a matter of creating some kind of monolithic “world government”. Rather, it is a matter of global cooperation among governments (or among representatives of various collectives)—a global cooperative politics that is no longer based on mutual opposition, unmanaged competition, or strategic efforts to dominate. The politics of confrontation and competition must be disciplined by the real (and really exercised) mutual dependency of human beings and human collectives on one another. If that great shift of principle in the exercises of human collective life is made to occur (by a universal, formal, collective re-agreement), then humankind (and even all of Earthkind) will have the possibility of a rightly Realizable future. On any other basis, even the possible survival (not to mention the possible “future” or “success”) of humankind (and even all of Earthkind, and of Earth itself) is already compromised and without reason for optimism.