The Peace Law

by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

V. No One Can Win—But Everyone Can Lose

For thousands of years, humanity has generated its history on the egoic (or separative) basis of opposition, confrontation, and competition. That history represents the developmental period of human infancy, childhood, and adolescence—and that early-life history must now (and forever hereafter) come to an end, in the truly adult generations of humankind.

To this end, people should not be “concerned” about how much has to be done in order to bring about this universal human change that aligns human existence to the intrinsic moral Law of Right Life and Peace. Rather, each one who agrees with this Call of Mine to humankind must—from now, and forever hereafter—simply, actually, and consistently do what is necessary to communicate and serve this Call and to directly, practically, and positively address all the grave issues that humanity now faces. In this manner, people everywhere must come to the point of fully accepting that this universal embrace of the global order of human (and truly cooperative, and really mutually tolerant) adulthood must and will be done, and that there is no other acceptable option. The collective human world must relinquish the confrontational disposition (or the political and social idea of mutually exclusive “opposites”) and enter into cooperation (and the idea of inherent unity, unqualified relatedness, or oneness). Otherwise, the human species is risking its own total self-destruction—as well as the destruction of even all of Earthkind, and of Earth itself.