A New Paradigm

Avatar Adi Da Samraj has Given humanity a powerful and profound new paradigm, or comprehensive context for understanding and transcending each and every feature of the total spectrum of human experience. The three most significant elements of this paradigm are:

ONE: A description of the seven stages of human development, based in an understanding of the subtle psycho-physical anatomy of the human body-mind, and covering every aspect of human maturation and growth (from birth through ultimate Divine Enlightenment), and fully taking into account the gross, subtle, and causal aspects of existence.

TWO: A resolution of the two primary and opposite motives in human beings and human cultures-one of which is left-brained, verbal-minded, or rational (reflecting the body-based orientation toward life generally characteristic of Western culture), and the right-brained, non-verbal, or intuitive, and typically mystical orientation toward existence (generally associated with the Eastern cultural bias). In the Way of Adidam, both of these strategies are relinquished-ultimately, to the degree of Most Perfect Realization of the One Inherent Reality and Truth, wherein both the material and mystical realities are recognized as modifications of Consciousness Itself.

THREE: The Basket Of Tolerance, an innovative compilation of over 5000 meticulously selected books and audiovisual materials encompassing all religious, Spiritual, and cultural traditions throughout the course of human history, providing a unique understanding of the entire Wisdom-Inheritance of humankind. Avatar Adi Da has created The Basket Of Tolerance as a unique resource for the right study and right understanding of the collective historical tradition of truly human culture, practical self-discipline, and perennial religion and Spirituality.

This paradigm is offered to everyone as a universal and non-sectarian resource. It provides a radically new and inclusive map, capable of guiding humanity beyond the contradictions, limitations, and imbalances of the past, and steering us toward a benign common destiny, in which all beings are free to deepen the practice and realization of their chosen path of spiritual life and sacred culture.


In-depth introductions to the seven stages of life, the characteristic orientations of East and West, and The Basket Of Tolerance.