The Unique Potential of Man Is the Progress of self-Understanding and self-Transcendence

An Essay by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

Because human beings function Rather Uniquely At The Level Of Subconscious and Conscious mind, and Because human Developmental Progress Is (Primarily) A Process In mind (Moving, Ultimately, Toward The By-Me-Avatarically-Given Revelation Of Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself) and Only Preliminarily (and, Otherwise, Secondarily) A Process Of gross form and gross adaptation—human beings Naturally Feel Threatened By death As An Always Present (or Abstract) Possibility (and Concern Of mind).

Likewise, In General, human beings Characteristically experience sex As An Always Present (or Abstract) Possibility (and Concern Of mind), Whereas non-human beings Are Generally Associated With sex Via instinctive and Unconsciously Generated cyclic patterns. Therefore, human beings Are (In General) Constantly Moved To Achieve sexual pleasure (With or Without An Intention To reproduce), and they Are, Otherwise (In General), Constantly Moved To Confront and Answer or Solve (Through psycho-physical Efforts) The Abstract and Really Threatening Problem Of death.

In Contrast To the human species, the non-human species Are Generally Moved Only instinctively. Thus, non-human beings Are instinctively Moved To reproduce themselves Excessively (That Is To Say, Frequently and/or in Superfluous numbers, So That a Sufficient number Will Survive all Natural threats and reproduce the species again), and they Are Also instinctively Moved To Aggressively Compete For food, territory, or breeding mates (who, Like food and territory, Basically Represent The instinctive Right To reproduce), and they Are (Otherwise) instinctively Moved To Defend (or Even Simply To Agitate) themselves Only In The Instants Of Direct Confrontation With a Really (and bodily) Threatening physical opponent—Whereas human beings (In their more mentalized, and, Therefore, Comparatively More Developed, personal and social state) Are, Because Of mental Anxiety, Sometimes Moved To kill Even their own kind in Invented (or mentally Contrived) wars, and (Otherwise) To Be Aggressive and Defensive and Agitated Even In circumstances that Are Not Directly (or Really and bodily) Threatening. Therefore, human beings (and Mankind As A Whole) Must Develop Further Than all non-human beings, So That they May Transcend All The mental, emotional, and physical Exaggerations Of their non-human Inheritance Of instinct (Particularly As Those Exaggerations Are Demonstrated Via egoic and Loveless and Destructive Motives Associated With sex, and food, and territory, and Aggression).