The Unique Potential of Man Is the Progress of self-Understanding and self-Transcendence

An Essay by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

Human beings Are Bringing The Unconscious To Consciousness Through Developmental Stages That Make Transitional Use Of The Subconscious Mechanisms. The By-Me-Revealed-and-Given Complete Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine Process May Be Understood As A Sequence Of (Possible) Stages Of Growth Culminating In (Inherent, Inherently Most Perfect, and Self-Evidently Divine) Consciousness Of (and Inherently Most Perfect, or Inherently Free, Responsibility For) All Of Reality—Such That The Hidden Secrets Of mind Are Conscious (Even In mind), and The Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Divine Source (or Inherently Perfect Subject, or Perfectly Subjective Self, or Limitless Prior Condition) Of mind (Even Of the Unconscious conditional Source-mind) Is Realized To Be Consciousness Itself.

In General, humanity At Large Is Struggling In The Earlier Stages Of This Process (In The Context Of The First Three Stages Of Life). Nevertheless, much (conditional) knowledge Has Been Brought To Consciousness, but that (conditional) knowledge Is Only Partial—and, As A Result, what human beings now Regard As common or reliable (conditional) knowledge Is Only The Beginning Of (conditional) knowledge, and what is conditionally known Has The Force (or Significance) Of A Problem (or A Yet Unresolved Urge To know).

Among the Most Significant forms of such human knowledge Is the knowledge of death. The non-human beings experience fear, self-protectiveness, survival instincts, adaptation urges, sickness, and death, but their Involvement With all of that Is At The Level Of Urges Coming From The Unconscious. The non-human beings Are Not (At The Level Of the Conscious mind) Very self-Aware Of death, its Structure or Purpose, or Even its Inevitability. Human beings, However, Are (Even Characteristically) Acutely Aware Of death As An Inevitable and Apparently Terminal personal Event. This Awareness Is Unique (conditional) knowledge, but It Is Also Only Partial (conditional) knowledge. It Is A Sign That human beings (Not Otherwise More Fully Awake) Are Yet functioning On The Base Of The Unconscious Relative To The Larger Context, Real Process, and Ultimate Purpose Of death, and Of life itself. Thus, For human beings At The Lesser (or Commonly Characteristic) Level Of human Development, death Is A Problem, A Threat, A Dilemma, or A Question In the mind.