The Unique Potential of Man Is the Progress
of self-Understanding and self-Transcendence

An Essay by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj

Among the beings On Earth, human beings Are Unique—but Only In The Sense That they Are (As a species) Significantly More Advanced In The Development Of psycho-physical functions that Are (Otherwise) Only Latent (or Less Developed) In the case of the non-human world (of Natural energies and elements, material shapes and cycles, simpler organisms, plants, trees, insects, fishes, birds, mammals, and the rest). The non-human world Is The Immediate Progenitor Of the Natural functions and the functional form Of Man. The world of non-human beings (of which the great trees Are The Epitome and The Senior Of all) Is A Great Process, From Which and Relative To Which and In Which human beings Are Developed and Developing (By Virtue Of A Complex and Ever-Continuing Event That Functions At All Levels, and Not Merely At The gross material Level, Of The psycho-physical Cosmos).

Among The Apparent Differences Between Man and all the non-human beings Is The Greatly Developed Capability For mentally Reflective and conceptually Abstracted knowledge (and Consequent inventiveness) That Is Evident In the human case. Nevertheless, It Is Not conceptual (or Abstract) thinking that Is The Unique Characteristic (or Capability) Of Man. Neither Is toolmaking (or inventiveness and technology), which is a secondary product of conceptual (or Abstract) thinking, The Unique Characteristic (or Capability) Of Man. Abstract thought and technology are themselves only servants Of The Unique Capability Of Man. They are Signs (or Secondary Evidence) Of The Unique Characteristic Of Man.

The Unique Characteristic Of Man Is The Capability For self-Understanding. The Unique Capability Of Man Is The Characteristic Process Of psycho-physical self-Transcendence (or The Whole bodily Demonstration Of ego-Transcendence). Therefore, The Unique Potential Of Man Is The psycho-physical Progress Of self-Understanding and self-Transcendence. And self-Understanding and self-Transcendence, Truly Progressing (As A Demonstration In The Context Of the Total body-mind), Lead Toward The (Potential, and Only-By-My-Avataric-Divine-Grace-Given) Most Perfect Realization Of The Self-Evidently Divine Source Of the conditional self, and Of the body-mind itself, and Of The Totality Of conditional Existence.