On Liberation from ego and egoic Society,
or, Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

An Essay by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj


A benign and tolerant and cooperative (or non-egoic, and at least more advanced, if not Spiritual and Transcendental, and even Divine) view of existence (and, thus, of politics) must soon arise in the leadership of mankind. At the present time, human beings are being led to enslavement and destruction by benighted materialists and self-seekers in every area of common human endeavor. The Principle of Wisdom has been replaced by the principle of power-through-knowledge—and knowledge has come to mean conventional science, or all that can be achieved or supported exclusively by the intellectual efforts of materialistic philosophy. Science (which has characteristically identified itself with the archaic and false philosophy of materialism) has itself, thus, become identical to technology (or the materialistic power-machine of the “known”), and materialistic technology (along with its like in the form of all the materialistic idealisms that appeal to human egoity) has become the primary instrument for world-manipulation—not only for the material manipulation of the so-called “material” world, but for the political manipulation and gross (physical and mental) control of collective humanity itself.

The political ideals and means of the present time are materialistic, based on a gross and ego-based conception of human existence. There simply cannot be any ultimately effective change in the collective human situation until a new leadership arises that is founded on the intelligence and more advanced capability of ego-transcendence and, ultimately, on the Wisdom of Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Enlightenment. Only such a leadership can rightly educate the collective order and relieve it of the burden of the egoic and materially confined view of life. And only such a leadership can transform the technique of governments from a process of self-preserving and other-controlling confrontation (of their own members, as well as other societies) to a process of cooperation, unification, and a worldwide creative order, based (necessarily) on pluralism, tolerance, and freedom.

The problem of the automatic (and even unconscious) creation of suffering and destruction is inherent in the egocentric form of individual existence. It is this principle that I Call you to observe and understand. Human beings must learn from this observation of the ego (in personal and collective terms), and so equip themselves to freely abandon the egoic model of existence.