On Liberation from ego and egoic Society,
or, Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

An Essay by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj


Many people are now trying to influence governments to abandon nuclear weapons. However, even if they succeed, irrational individuals and groups can still threaten and destroy the common order with “terrorist” tactics and “home-made” bombs. And the “limited” (or non-nuclear) warfare that might still erupt between governments that agree not to make nuclear war is just as much a threat to humanity as any nuclear war.

Therefore, it is now time to accept the political necessity for an end to confrontation-politics, and the establishment of a unified political entity to directly and truly and formally and accountably serve the right collective interests of mankind as a whole. Human beings must abandon their ancient egoic principles and renounce their political, social, and cultural provincialism. Individuals within the collective order of mankind may yet suffer the un-Enlightened and immature disabilities of egocentric personality—but governments themselves, as well as institutions and leaders in every area of human endeavor, must abandon the egocentric, subhuman, merely materialistic, non-cooperative, and intolerant (or loveless) posture and style of life. Indeed, humanity as a whole must demand that a new leadership of this kind come forward and accept responsibility, in a unified (and truly representative and accountable) manner, for the indivisible representation of its collective interests.

Haven't you had enough of the brute, stupid, childish, and (otherwise) adolescent, exploitative representation of human (or, really, sub-human) existence that is played out daily (in the name, and on the lives, of each and every born human being) by competing governments, politicians, militarists, scientists, technocrats, social planners, educators, exoteric and fundamentalist religionists (who aggressively propagate the provincial, and pharisaical, religions of ego-salvation, rather than practice the universal, and ego-transcending, religion of love), and media hypers (who thrive on the invention and exaggeration of conflict, and dramatically showcase the worst of human instincts in the unending “gotcha” game that denudes and exposes and trivializes and hypocritically mocks the highs, and the inevitable lows, and even the natural ordinariness in the struggling efforts of humankind)? Isn't it evident, in your deepest feeling-psyche, that this Wisdom-renouncing world is being controlled by the worst and most superficial conceptions of existence?

It is now time for every one, and all, to understand themselves, and to reclaim the world from the dictatorship of the ego, and from all of those who play at politics (and life in general) as if it were a sporting event that is supposed to excite and entertain every one on television.

Nuclear disarmament is a relatively positive, but still too superficial and piecemeal, effort. It is not a truly curative means, but only another palliative and temporary move in the midst of mankind's traditional advance toward future trouble. There is something more fundamental than the disarmament politics whereby enemies come to a gentlemanly agreement on how to kill one another without destroying one another! What is more fundamental, necessary, and truly curative is that human beings, individually and collectively, understand and transcend that which is in them that leads them to confront one another as opponents and enemies.

It may sound naive to speak of the necessity for the present (childish, and brutishly adolescent) crowd of governments and institutions to understand themselves and renounce the self-imagery and the techniques of enemies—but the feeling that it is naive to speak in such terms is merely a reflection of egoic frustration and despair. Human beings everywhere must now transcend that very frustration and despair if they are going to prevent the enslavement and destruction of mankind.

Humanity is living in bondage now. Mankind is already—presently, globally—bound to egocentric and materialistic idealisms that are suppressing the human freedom to live by Wisdom and Realize the Truth. If human beings do not shake loose from this regime, they are going to suffer the extreme fulfillment of collective egoic destiny, in a “Narcissistic” holocaust that will either enslave mankind (via a technologically robotized political and social order) or (otherwise) destroy mankind (via technologically engineered warfare).

It is not naive to demand a new leadership when those who are led (and who could make the counter-demand for change) number in the billions. Nor is it folly to try to educate mankind when the only alternative is slavery and death. Therefore, I Say to you: All must commit themselves to understand the patterns by which they are now (and have traditionally and historically been) living (both individually and collectively), so that they can then change those patterns and the destinies those patterns will (otherwise) inevitably inflict upon them.

The egoic model must—from now on—be intensively “educated out” of the collective order of mankind. A new leadership must now appear, which is awakened to an understanding of the primitive egoic basis of the present and traditional collective order. That new leadership must, above all, provide an educative role—and it must, profoundly and immediately, transform the techniques whereby governments and societies enter into relations with one another. Only such leadership can, by efforts based on the wit of free intelligence, cause all the governments and institutions of the world to voluntarily change toward a cooperative and benign mode of association with others. (And this can be done by establishing profoundly undesirable economic sanctions and other practical penalties for not participating in the cooperative process.) If this kind of approach is not made soon, humanity will be entering into what has the potential to be the most destructive period of political confrontation in its history.