On Liberation from ego and egoic Society,
or, Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

An Essay by The Divine World-Teacher,
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj


The un-Enlightened (or egocentric) body-mind-self is founded on the activity of self-contraction. The self-contraction is expressed as the effective differentiation of the presumed “self” from the Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Condition and Source-Condition, and from every other form of presumed (or, by means of self-contraction, defined) “not-self”. And the self-contraction is, likewise, expressed (via the self-contraction-definition of “self” as independent and separative) as the constant concern and search for the preservation of the (presumed-to-be independent) “self” (or ego-“I”). The self-based (or self-contracting, and would-be-self-preserving) orientation toward existence is manifested as the psychology of search and conflict relative to all that is presumed to be “not-self”—some and all of which is sometimes desired and sought, and some and all of which is sometimes feared (or reacted to with the seeking effort of avoidance), and even all of which is always limited, mortal, passing, inexplicable, and (therefore) inherently unsatisfactory. Therefore, the psychology of self-contracted (and, as a result, egocentric) existence is inherently disposed to seek control and dominance over all that is presumed to be “not-self”. For this reason, individual egocentric lives are a constant expression of heart-felt (and total psycho-physical) anxiety (and even the primitive ego-moods of fear, sorrow, anger, and every kind of un-love)—and individual human actions are, on that primitive basis, always a more or less mechanical (or uninspected and irresponsible) display of strategic techniques of self-manipulation (intended to preserve “self”) and other-manipulation (intended to control, or dominate, “not-self”). And the collective (or group) life of egocentric human beings is, likewise, dominated by the same exclusiveness, the same emotional base, the same inherent unsatisfactoriness, and the same motives toward self-preservation, and toward control of what is “outside”.

Human societies are always tending to be modeled after the un-Enlightened pattern of the individual ego. The political and social systems of the present-day world are not generated by literally En-Light-ened (or even highly “evolved”) leaders, ideals, or institutions. Human beings in this “late-time” (or “dark” epoch) live in the “samsaric” (or un-Enlightened) world of egoic society—and this is why the signs of the times are so profoundly negative.

The entire world is now nearly out of control with egoic motives. Mankind, indoctrinated by materialistic philosophies, ego-serving technologies, and gross political idealisms, is possessed by the mechanical and emotionally negative efforts of self-indulgence (and anxious release-seeking efforts of all kinds), and chronically depressed by the frustration of the Spiritual and Divine impulses that are the inherent characteristics of the heart of every living being. The ego-“I”, whether individual or collective, is eventually reduced to sorrow and despair (or chronic life-depression), because of (and as an experiential result of) the inability of life (in and of itself) to generate Happiness and Joy and Immortality. And that self-contained depression finally becomes anger, or loveless confrontation with the total world and every form of presumed “not-self”—including even (and especially) the Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Identity (or One and Only and Non-Separate Self-Condition), Which is “locked away”, by means of conventional (or merely exoteric) ideas of “God Apart”, and is (thereby) made into an “Other” by the egoic mind. And, when anger becomes the mood of human societies, the quality of fire (or the primitive and destructive intent of the frustrated ego) invades the plane of humanity. That fire is expressed as all of the aggression and competitiveness (and all of the resultant sufferings and painful illusions) of mankind, including all of the ego-based politics of confrontation. And that ego-fire is, finally, summarized in the acts of war.