On Liberation from ego and egoic Society,
or, Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

(Abridged) Essay by The Divine World-Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj


The path of egocentricity is recognizable as separativeness, or the complex avoidance of relationship (or avoidance of the life-condition of inherent relatedness, or of universally patterned dependency within, and upon, the Indivisible Unity of Light-Energy Itself). Thus, the characteristics of the path of egocentricity are the struggle between the life-motives of childish dependency and adolescent independence, and the constant dramatization of every kind of seeking (based on chronic self-contraction, and the subsequent chronic sense of unfulfilled and threatened existence).

The egocentric life is characterized by delusion, fear, sorrow, anger, self-suffering, and the constantly alternating cycles of hope and despair relative to the ever-wanting need for “reasons” for hope, faith, and love. Even all the possible strategic religious resistance to “self” and world only reinforces the self-mind, because the strategy of resistance only duplicates suffering in its stark disciplines—but the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam inherently transcends confrontation with “self” and world.

Therefore, the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is not the perennial path of the search for Peace. Rather, the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is the Way of Inherent Peace