On Liberation from ego and egoic Society,
or, Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

(Abridged) Essay by The Divine World-Teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj


The life-principles (of abandoning the gross style of ego-based political confrontations and ego-based social participation, or non-participation) that I have Described in this Essay must become a matter of active practical commitment on the part of the leaders and educators of mankind—or else humanity will collectively move toward intolerable enslavement and even nuclear (or otherwise war-made, and cleverness-made) destruction.

Therefore, I Call every one and all to “consider” at least the political and broad social fulfillment of My Avataric Divine Wisdom-Teaching, via the active embrace of every form of true and benign social and political cooperation and all-embracing social and political tolerance—since such cooperation and tolerance are the prerequisites for true social and political peace.

I Call upon all the leaders and educators of mankind (now, and forever hereafter) to actively embrace, and to universally declare and promote, and to actively require and measure the universal real fulfillment of My simplest Law and Measure of Man:
Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace.