'I Bring The Gifts - You Must Respond'

Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

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I Bring The Gifts —
You Must Respond

From a Talk by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
March 23, 1994

When, in due course, I Divinely Translate, the Power of My Own Divine Translation will always Be Effective within the cosmic domain. The cosmic domain is within Me.

I Volunteered for This Sacrifice, This Service, This Work — but I am not bound by It in any sense whatsoever. My Love of beings Called Me out. Compassion makes Me continue.

Adi Da SamrajMy Incarnation is associated with Divine Powers That I have Brought into this plane. My Divine Powers are now Eternally Established here.

I have taken My Stance here in a fashion that is not comprehensible. Simply by virtue of the Divine Powers Inherent in Me, I Am Effective throughout the cosmic domain.

The Divine Process is not magic. You must respond. Beings must respond. You must do the work. Otherwise, you are controlled by the structures of your own adaptation, and no great thing occurs.

The cosmic domain cannot be merely glanced at, as if it were an object, and magically Outshined. You must cooperate with My Divine Avataric Grace. Beings must respond. I Bring you the Gifts, the Revelation, My Teaching Word — everything — but you must respond.

All you need to know is that I Am with you, and the Way I have Given is True.

I Am Available to you forever, as I have told you.

My Work is world-Work, and Transcendental Spiritual Work.

I am here to Fulfill My Intention completely.

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