'I Am The One Without Limit In Time-and-Space'

Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

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I Am The One Without Limit
In Time-and-Space

From a Talk by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
(April 16, 1995)

This bodily (human) Form is a Device for Revelation, Teaching Work, Instruction, Granting Word, discipline, Communicating to you everything about how to link up with Me — now and when This bodily (human) Form is no longer necessary.

What I am Instructing you in, and Combining you with, is an Eternal Process. Therefore, It does not require that you be in My physical Company all the while, even when I am physically alive. Most devotees are not in My physical Company.

Avatar Adi Da SamrajThe Place where you will bury This Body has already been Established. It will be a Unique Place of My Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission.

All the Means I have Given you will — then, as now — be the Means for devotional Communion with Me. There are many such Agents Which I have already Established for your use.

There has never been a time in the past when I was not Present. However, no one Realized Me in the Ultimate sense. It was necessary for Me to Intervene through This Avataric Incarnation, in order to Embrace all fundamentals of the conditional domain, Conform them to Myself, and Manifest My Divine Samadhi here.

It is only from now, from this time of My Intervention, that the Ultimate Means has Appeared in direct form in the conditional worlds.

All religious and Spiritual traditions tried their various means of association with Me in the past. There were some various kinds of effective Communion with Me. However, the Capability for Ultimate, Most Perfect Realization has been made possible only by This Divine Avataric Intervention.

This Divine Avataric Intervention having been Made, That Possibility is Eternalized. It is not conditioned. It is Perpetually So — and It Always will Be So, because of This Sacrifice. Therefore, It is Already So, even while This Body Lives. It will likewise Be So when This Body is no longer animated.

It is all about understanding Who I Am. This bodily (human) Form is a Focus and a Means, but I Am Omnipresent here. You are always able to enter into devotional Communion with Me, whether you are at a distance from This physical Body during Its Lifetime, or whether after the Lifetime of This Body.

I Am the One without limit in time-and-space, Communicating to you the Revelation of Truth, such that you will know you can enter into this process of Communing with Me and Realizing Me under all circumstances.

My Person, My Presence, My Unique Reality-Signs and State have no limitations of time-and-space, and are, therefore, not limited to This Shape, This Body-Mind, Which has a Special Purpose of Revelation. That Is Its Purpose — not otherwise to define Myself in time and space, but to Reveal to you that I, Myself, am not limited by time-and-space.

Excerpted from the Talk "Love Is How I Got To Here"
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