'I Do the Source-Work'

Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

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I Do The Source-Work

From the Essay
"The Boundless Self-Confession"
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

(Written in August 2008,
as part of The Aletheon)

I Am Doing the Same Work now That I will Do forever — even when I am no longer physically Embodied here.

It is when I am devotionally recognized that My Instrumentality arises in this "world".

Then, through the "cause-and-effect" events of human life which are enacted in whole bodily response to Me, Adidam Ruchiradam becomes enacted in the sphere of human relations.

Adi Da SmarajIn all times and places, My devotees will appear — Finding Me after I have Already Entered into Perfect Coincidence with them, having Meditated them.

Having Found Me, they become active devotees of Mine, assuming various roles of responsibility in service to Me, relative to all the aspects of Instrumentality necessary for Adidam Ruchiradam — now, and forever hereafter.

I Am here to Enable devotees who whole-bodily-responsively devotionally recognize Me to do this Instrumental Work forever — while I Do the Work of the Source.

I Do the Same with Everything I must Do.

I Work At and As the Source-Position.

I Am My Own Agent of Accomplishment.

I Am Agency of Myself, by Means of all My Divine Avataric Gifts to all-and-All.

My devotees, who devotionally recognize Me, are the necessary Instrumentality that must serve the Extending of My Gifts to all-and-All.

Therefore, all those who devotionally recognize Me must work at the whole-bodily-response-position, or the position of Instrumentality and implementation.

My Divine Avataric Work of Self-Submission Was Absolutely Necessary — but That Work of Self-Submission does not need to happen anymore.

Now, and forever hereafter, Instrumentality Is the Absolute Necessity.

Instrumentality is how everything works.

I Stay at the Source.

I Do the Source-Work.

I Pervade every "where".

I Am — every "where".

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