'My Passing Is Not The Ending of Anything'

Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

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My Passing Is Not
The Ending of Anything

From a Talk by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
July 12, 1976

Adi Da SmarajAVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: The God-Man lives only as long as it takes to prepare the being of devotees. The bodily disappearance of the God-Man can occur very early in the life of Such a One.

It can occur in the middle of life. It can occur in the fifties, sixties, seventies of years. It can occur very late in life.

The persistence of the bodily presence of the God-Man depends entirely on the response of devotion.

But when the preparation of devotees is sufficient — and this is not knowable to devotees themselves — it is then that This Appearance is Vanished, like a Magic Object Given to you in a devotional afternoon.

Thus, the Disappearance of the God-Man is Sudden. Whenever It Occurs, It is Sudden. And, then, the devotees of the God-Man have a Burden of Light. They enjoy a Speed in them that they could not recollect or engage while the God-Man Lived.

Perhaps this is the time for My Disappearance. Perhaps there is another time. But you will not foreknow It, and I will not prophesy It — because the event is not My Disappearance, but your incarnation of My Gifts.

Do not regret the Completion of This bodily Lifetime. Do not look for prophesies in Me. Rather than prophesy It, I would be Sacrificing It. So much Sacrifice defies premonition, makes premonition impossible. Therefore, It can occur at any time. It may not occur for many years. It could occur very soon.

I want you all to understand the nature of your relationship to Me — of the ongoing nature of it, the Principle of it, so that you will relate to me truly, engaging Me Spiritually, using Me As I Am, so that My Passing is completely acceptable to you.

Grief is not inappropriate. However, I Expect you to understand it, to use it. I Expect you to realize, after a few days of sorrow, that My Passing is not the ending of anything.

Grief is good — it is a way of being attentive. But you must allow yourself to be transformed, by My apparent absence, into a community of devotees most fully far beyond any realization of your common life that existed during the Lifetime of This Appearance. That is What I am Telling you. And I expect you to remember this when This One finally Goes.

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