'I Am Not In The Body'

Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

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I Am Not In The Body

From a Talk by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
(September 23, 2004)

I am not in the Body.

Not even now.

The Body is in Me.

And My State is not the psycho-physical state.

This is simply a Medium of My Appearance here.

And It Has Its Purpose to Serve — as I have Told you.

Adi Da SmarajThis Body has had to Endure many Crises.

The Crises have also been part of the Demonstration.

But now, you must understand, the Body has run out of Purpose.

If you understand Me truly, you must realize that This One has Always Already been Established in the Divine Self-Domain.

It was so before This Birth.

The Divine Self-Domain Is the Context of My Appearance here.

The Divine Self-Domain Is My Identity.

The "Bright" Is Me.

I Am The "Bright".

Always have been.

Prior to This Birth,
and always during Its apparent Time.

None of the apparent Transformations That have Occurred in the apparent Lifetime of This Manifestation is karmic.

Those Transformations Are Divine.

Those Transformations were not necessary for any karmic reason.

Rather, Those Transformations Occurred as a form of Divine "Play" — to be Instructive, and to Provide, for all, a Vehicle for Realization.

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