'I Cannot Separate From The Conditional Domain'

Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

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I Cannot Separate
From The Conditional Domain

From a Talk by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
(April 16, 1995)

This bodily (human) Divine Form, like your own, is a conditional manifestation. It will cease to appear at some point. The Way is not about requiring Me to be present in My bodily (human) Divine Form.

As long as this bodily (human) Form is here, it is a Leela of Revelation, of Instruction, to generate the Way forever.

Adi Da SamrajUnlike My Mere and Very Presence and Person, this bodily (human) Divine Form is temporary. By means of this bodily (human) Divine Form I convert you, Instruct you, make a Revelation-History that will forever be Instructive.

After Its time, this bodily (human) Form will not reappear. I will not appear again, in this or some Form, in this world. However, I will be forever merely Present As the One Who Is Always Already with you, now and forever.

I have taken on this bodily (human) Form for the sake of Revealing the Always Already State to you.

Some might say after the Divine Avataric Lifetime of this body-mind, "Oh, those were the good old days. If only we were there then."

However, such looking back has nothing to do with My Purpose and the Truth I am Revealing to you. This bodily (human) Form is merely temporary Means.

After the Divine Avataric Lifetime of this bodily (human) Form, the reflections of this Form, every form of representative likeness, will — like the Revelation-Histories generated by My Appearance in this Form — be forever Instructive and useful as points of concentration whereby to enter into Communion with Me.

I will still be Merely Present then. This bodily (human) Form is not required forever. It is required only for the time of Revelation, the establishment of this Divine Avataric Way, such that, at some appropriate moment, the bodily (human) Form can be relinquished and dissolved.

Then devotees will have understood how this is the Way of associating with the Power of My Eternal Samadhi, My Eternal Presence and Person of a Spiritual and Ultimate Nature, Which cannot be gone — Which cannot and will not be withdrawn.

I will be Present then, exactly as now, not diminished. I cannot separate from the conditional domain. I Am its Very Source. I Am Perpetually Present. This is My Revelation to you.

Excerpted from the Talk "Love Is How I Got To Here"
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