When The God-Man Is Bodily Gone

Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

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When The God-Man Is Bodily Gone

From a Talk by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
(July 12, 1976)

Adi Da SmarajAvatar Adi Da Samraj: I am not born.

And I am not one who has been born.

I am not a reincarnated individual.

I am not an incarnated individual.

I am not one who has a future.

I am not one who is in the worlds.

I am not one whose consciousness is either here or there.

I am not any such one that is like you, any such one that is repeated, that is knowledgeable, that is informed, and that is saved or relieved. I am not any such person. At some point you may begin to realize this.

There is no implication of an individual in Me. There is no individual in Me — none. No person. No one who has been, who is, or will survive.

In This Body, there is no necessity, no figurement, no person.

My Appearance among you all is really the Process of My Disappearance. There should be nothing about your lives that implies I have to continue forever — such that, when I happen to die, you feel " it's all over!"

The Gesture of the God-Man in human Form is an Instigation, a Suggestion, an Intrusion, in the midst of human life — Which Produces the birth, in the form of those already born, of Its own Mastery.

You see how it occurs? Probably not. But that is the way it occurs. And it never is fully expressed, never acknowledged, until the complete disappearance of the apparent bodily form of the born One, or the God-Man.

The birth, the expression, the appearance, of the God-Man implies its, his, her own death, sacrifice — before there is any feeling at large for the Divine. It is only when the God-Man is dissolved in his or her own bodily appearance, is bodily completely gone, that the expression knowable to human beings at large communicates itself.

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