'I Will Always Be Present'

Avatar Adi Da's Own Word on the
Significance of His Passing

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I Will Always Be Present

From a Talk by
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
April 16, 1995

In This bodily (human) Form, the Divine Person, the Real One, Real God Is Revealing to you Who I Am. That One Is Revealing to You That One's Own Nature. That Is the Revelation.

That Revelation does not require the eternal perpetuation of My bodily (human) Form. My physical human Form has Its Time, Whereby I Link you up with Me, Whereby the Divine Person, Real God, Links you up with the Great Purpose and practice, without a doubt, Establishing the Great Practice of Reality-Realization. And then I simply return to My Eternal Form.

Avatar Adi Da SamrajThe Power of My Divine Samadhi has been Made Infinitely Intact in the conditional domain. And I will Be — just as ever before — not gone, not absent.

Same Person, Same Personality. Just As I Am — all-and-All-Pervading. As I Am now — but then without the Appearance of This bodily (human) Form, This Locus, except through Its Reflections, Its Murti-Forms, Which Are Transcendental Spiritual Means That will Be Effective then as now.

It is not that I am going to Enter into Mahasamadhi and only then become the Real Divine Person. Right now I Am That — Speaking to you right now, without the slightest limitation. Speaking to you Plain, Making all this Clear, Investing you in Myself. Having Done That, then there is no further need for This bodily (human) Form. It will have Served Its Purpose.

In the Event of My Bodily Passing, there will be no loss, no diminishment whatsoever — because you all, having practiced rightly in My Company as long as This bodily (human) Form Lived, will have been Invested in Me As I Am.

Then, as I Said, This Body Dies — and, therefore, the natural sorrow comes. And, then, you will feel Me. You will feel Me all over the place — just as I was Revealed before. Exactly the same. No loss, no separation, no "gone by".

So you will go from a kind of mourning not only to an acceptance but to a restoration of Communion with Me. And you will get on with it, and that is it.

The time after My Divine Avataric Lifetime will not be the time of My absence (because My bodily human Form is not here) — but, rather, the time after My Divine Avataric Lifetime will be the Eternal Time of My Omni-Presence, My Always Being Present. I will not be physically Present in bodily (human) Form — but, nevertheless, I Am the Same Person.

I am Exhibiting My Eternal Personality to you, by Showing It, in some basic terms, in your likeness, through a human Form. But, in those days of My physical Passing, This Same Personality will be experienced by you.

I Am Who I Am, the Very Person. Therefore, by All I Do, by All My Appearance here, I Am Showing you the Qualities of the Divine Person.

All kinds of experiences have been reported during all these years — in My physical Company, but also outside My physical Company. And that is the way it will always be. These are all the ways, in My Omni-Presence , that I Indicate to you that I Am Present here. And they will continue after My physical Lifetime. I will Be Present exactly as I Am now.

Excerpted from the Talk "Love Is How I Got To Here"
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