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Schedule of Adidam Public Retreats

The Man of "Radical" Understanding asserts the fundamental rightness of what is actual — and, thus, the things, the environments, the beings, and the relationships that appear cease to fascinate those around Him.

Even His Own "Bright" Spiritual Presence is not fascinating.

Thus, the mind and even all forms become quieted in His surroundings, and those who are with Him turn naturally to "radical" self-understanding and the always present Reality.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Knee of Listening p. 410

An invitation to celebrate Da Purnima

Calendar of Retreats

July 2011

July 8-10
2nd Generation Retreat
A retreat for young devotees and interested public who are around 20-40 years.

The Man of Radical Understanding Retreat Center

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Located on part of the larger property of the Mountain of Attention Sanctuary in Northern California, the Man of Radical Understanding Retreat Center is a Spiritually empowered place that is made available for anyone with an interest in Avatar Adi Da and His remarkable Wisdom to spend time.

A program of retreats is currently being developed to make Bhagavan Adi Da's wisdom available to everyone in a feeling and simple circumstance.

Sacred Camel RetreatSacred Camel Retreats

Building on the successful Sacred Camel Retreats that were offered in 2009, this retreat process is now being expanded through the Sacred Camel Gardens website.

During the Sacred Camel Retreats, Avatar Adi Da's Wisdom on the contemplative nature of the non-human world is presented in the context of spending time with His herd of 12 remarkable Bactrian Camels.

In the past year, many people have been moved and deepened in their appreciation of Avatar Adi Da and the entire non-human world through this retreat process.

Radiant Life Clinic Retreats

The Radiant Life Clinic is also developing a program of retreats that make Avatar Adi Da's wisdom on diet, health and emotional-sexual life available to all. Look for updates to the schedule below as this retreat program is developed in the coming year.

2nd Generation Retreats

The 2nd Generation Retreats are esepcially created for young devotees and interested public who are around 20-40 years old. During these retreats, the attendees can meet others their age, serve together, and listen to and tell leelas (sacred stories) of Bhagavan Adi Da.

An Invitation

Man of Radical Understanding Retreat CenterThrough these retreat programs, and the fullness of many other areas of Bhagavan Adi Da's teaching that will be incorporated over time, the Man of Radical Understanding Retreat Center is a place to drop out of ordinary life.

On these retreats you can learn about the foundation of human feeling and maturity that is required for real spiritual growth.

We welcome your questions and comments, and invite you to join us.

The Man of Radical Understanding Retreat Center
11630 Seigler Springs Rd
Middletown, CA 95461

Avatar Adi Da with a bird