How to Change

Right Principle and Right Self-Management:
The Secrets of How To Change

from The Aletheon
by His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj

True and sustainable change and positive, mature human adaptation are not made on the basis of any "self"-conscious reaction-resistance to old, degenerative, and immature habits.

True and positive change is not a matter of not doing something.

True and positive change is always a matter of doing something else — something that is inherently right, free, pure and purifying, balanced and re-balancing, truly regenerative, and, altogether, a matter of functional equanimity.

True and positive change is always a matter of both right principle (based on right understanding, and, especially, right "self"-understanding) and right (and consistently applied) "self"-management.

Therefore, you must be intrinsically open and free to always feel and participate in modes of "self"-managing life-functioning that are new and right.

The habit-tendencies and habit-patterns of your casually accumulated life-adaptations are not wrong.

All your habit-tendencies and habit-patterns were appropriate enough in their own moment of first happening — and there is no need to feel guilt or despair about them.

All seeking-efforts to change your accumulated habit-tendencies and habit-patterns by strategically opposing them are basically and inevitably fruitless.

All seeking-efforts are forms of the dramatization of "self"-conflict, and, therefore, they only reinforce the habitual modes of ego-possession.

What is simply not used is intrinsically obsolete — whereas what is opposed is constantly kept in front of you.

The creative principle of true and positive change is a combination of always relaxed inspection (and discriminating awareness) of existing tendencies and, on that basis, an active, persistent, full feeling-orientation to right, new, and regenerative functional patterns.

If this creative principle of true and positive change is practiced consistently and in ecstatic (or intrinsically ego-transcending) resort to Me, the Divine Avataric Master, free growth-demonstrated as habit-transcending true and positive change-is assured.

Have no regrets.

Resort to Me moment to moment, and under all circumstances.

All that has been done by anyone had its logic in its time.

Only I avail.

Whatever is your habit in this moment is not wrong-but it is simply a beginning.

No habit is necessary, because every habit is only a temporary and merely conditionally existing (and, thus, entirely changeable) pattern.

Every habit-pattern is merely tending to persist, because it has not yet been replaced by true and positive changes of pattern itself.

Always listen to Me, always resort to Me, always practice My "Radical" Reality-Teaching of Truth, and always understand and act in accordance with what is the right, free, and regenerative pattern of each psycho-physical life-function of the human being.

Always Stand Intrinsically Beyond and Prior to all negative judgements about what you have done and what you tend to do.

Always intensively engage the happy ordeal of habit-transcending new adaptation in ecstatic devotional Communion with Me, the Divine Avataric Master.

I Am the Unbroken (Indivisible and Indestructible) Transcendental Spiritual and Self-Evidently Divine Conscious Light That "Lives" you.

I Am the Only One — Who Is Surrounding, Pervading, and Being you, and all, and All.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

"Whatever is your habit in this moment is not wrong – but it is simply a beginning."