Ways to Participate

Ways to Participate

Those who are moved by Avatar Adi Da may notice an astounding possibility — that the search for fulfillment can be set aside. His Blessing-Transmission can gracefully reveal that the common human struggle is both unnecessary and futile.

However, the patterns of seeking do not vanish because of such an insight. Avatar Adi Da asks, "What will you do if you love Me?" The many possible answers can be summed up as one principle: Avatar Adi Da's Gifts are effective to the degree that there is a real response to Him.

Study His Teaching

One concrete and tangible response is to purchase books and recordings for personal study.

Study can deepen an understanding of Avatar Adi Da's Reality-Teaching, but it can do much more. His Word is potent with Divine Transmission, and that power extends infinitely beyond all words.

Take a Course

Courses are available through The Laughing Man Institute that offer a guiding structure and focus for your participation. The Laughing Man Institute is the public education arm of The Adidam Academy.

Courses offered through The Laughing Man Institute allow you to connect with the Reality-Transmission of Avatar Adi Da, to get to know Him as He Is, and to benefit at heart in relationship to Him.

Become His Formal Devotee

Those who feel a strong response to Avatar Adi Da may enter directly into the preparatory studies required to become His formal devotee. To learn more, read about the preparatory study offer by the Laughing Man Institute or visit the Adidam Events page to contact a community near you.

Every formal devotee of Avatar Adi Da participates in an esoteric school of practice in one of the forms described below.

The Four Congregations of Adidam - The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary - photo

The Four Congregations of Adidam

The First Congregation is comprised of individuals who engage the complete, full, and intensive process of the Reality-Way of Adidam, including devotional response to Avatar Adi Da, right practical living, and the practice of "Perfect Knowledge". They are eventually accepted into a Transcendental Spiritual process with Avatar Adi Da that ultimately leads to Divine Self-Realization, by His Grace.

The Second Congregation is the congregation of devotees who practice devotional response to Avatar Adi Da and practical right life disciplines, as well as rudimentary study of Avatar Adi Da's "Perfect Knowledge" Teachings. Anyone who intends to practice in the First Congregation begins his or her adaptation in the Second Congregation.

The Third Congregation is made up of people whose commitment to Avatar Adi Da is primarily a simple devotional relationship to Him, together with advocacy and financial support of His Work. The Third Congregation also includes individuals who maintain a traditional religious affiliation.

The Fourth Congregation is comprised of people from indigenous and/or traditional cultures around the world whose approach to Avatar Adi Da is one of simple devotional relationship to Him.

Adidam Events
Adidam offers many kinds of events in locations around the world.

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Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da's Gifts are effective for us to the degree that there is a real response to Him.