True Religion is the practice of consistently (and, Ultimately, Permanently) moving out of the disposition, and the presumption, and the very activity of separate and separative self, into the Love-Bliss-Full Condition of Oneness with That Which Is One, Whole, Absolute, All-Inclusive, and Beyond.
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Adidam: the Transformative Spiritual Way
Given by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Adi Da Samraj 2005 Blessing His devoteesAdidam is an effortless practice founded in heart-recognition of Avatar Adi Da Samraj as the Divine Reality that stands always Prior to any identification with separate existence. Through communing with Him, Avatar Adi Da's devotees are drawn into the Divine Condition of freedom in which He inheres. In such Divine Communion, the heart opens in love beyond the egoic presumption of "self" and "other" and there is no longer any felt need to seek happiness.

Adi Da teaches us that happiness, freedom, or Real God is prior to the activity of ego, and that it is our very efforts at seeking happiness and freedom that prevent our present communion with true happiness. People are always seeking this happiness in some way or other through everything that they do, whether they are fully conscious of it or not.

For this reason, while devotees of Adi Da practice a wide range of disciplines such as meditation, study, sacred art, exercise, and healthy diet, these are considered as secondary and supportive to the core devotional practice of the Way of Adidam, rather than as a method of attaining anything.

Sanctuaries and Centers

Adidam Sanctuary in HawaiiAdidam devotees participate in a systematic, open esoteric school and global community of spiritual practice. There are cooperative Adidam cultures in a great many countries, with principal centres in California, Hawaii and Fiji. The sanctuary pictured at right is in Kauai, Hawaii.

Cooperative Culture

In New Zealand, our largest community is in Auckland, where we have a rural centre and several additional households. We also have communities in Christchurch and Wellington, and we hold study groups in Waiheke Island, Northland, the Waikato, and New Plymouth.

The Auckland centre is in the Waitakere foothills and covers about sixteen acres of pastureland, native bush, and vegetable and flower gardens. As you drive in, you pass a small cottage and a good sized bookstore and meeting room that are used for retreats and seminars, before winding up the grassy hill to its summit. Here sits a white Victorian building, home to several devotees of Adi Da. The wider Adidam community meet here to meditate, watch live internet broadcasts of Adi Da, and use the library, which contains an excellent collection of religious and spiritual literature from all the world's traditions. Also on the property are a horse, a Kuni kuni pig (a great recycler), and a flock of sheep.

Find a contact person for your region and write to us to find out more about Adidam New Zealand, or arrange a visit to the Auckland centre.
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