The Great Process comes about when the Divine Intervenes, Appears, Incarnates, Blesses, Teaches the understanding and the transcending of ego - such that the direct Divine Blessing may be received and the Great Divine Yoga may be entered into. This is What I Do.
—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Welcome to Adidam Aoteoroa - New Zealand

Avatar Adi Da SamrajAdidam was founded more than thirty years ago by the Great Avatar Sage Adi Da Samraj as the vehicle to make His Spiritual Revelation available in the world. Today there are Adidam communities on every continent, each serving this purpose.

Adidam is an esoteric practice and a spiritual way of life. It is the Way of life adopted by Avatar Adi Da's devotees, those of us who recognize His unique Revelation and accept Him as our Spiritual Master and Guide. As members of the Adidam New Zealand Community, we accept the profound Spiritual relationship Avatar Adi Da offers, which ultimately leads to true human maturity, Liberation and Awakening to the Divine Reality which He embodies.

This is a relationship Avatar Adi Da offers freely to everyone—a tangible and effective means to consider, feel, experience, and (ultimately) identify with the Divine Reality itself, which is unconditional Love-Bliss.

Please spend some time considering what we say here, and more importantly, turn your attention to Adi Da Samraj. You may find that His Presence is unmistakable.

Avatar Adi Da has generated a vast body of written and verbal teaching, which we feature in our bookstore. We hold a range of events and classes throughout New Zealand, including retreat weekends, introductory evenings, and study courses. Our monthly newsletter contains talks and essays by Adi Da, stories from His devotees (students), and notices of upcoming events.

We hope that you will contact us to find out more about Adi Da or the Way of Adidam, or to find out about what's happening in your part of New Zealand.

You can also visit the global Adidam website to find out about events in other cities and countries, or visit other Adidam websites.