"No one like Me", He once Wrote, "has appeared in this place before." Every moment of heart-Communion with Adi Da, now and forever, is the self-forgetting Bliss of Non-separation from God, Truth, or Reality. What Joy could be greater than this?
—Devotees of Avatar Adi Da Samraj


The Northwest Adidam Advocate Newsletter features stories of how individuals found their Beloved Master Adi Da Samraj, descriptions of His Blessing in their lives, and signs of how they have grown in Spiritual Practice by His Grace. There are also excerpts from His Wisdom-Teaching and His specific Instruction on particular issues of life and society, like the sacred purpose of art, scientific materialism, and the true nature of Happiness.

We have put these newletters online as pdf files, so you will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer in order to read them.

We invite you to make use of these resources as you explore the sacred relationship with His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj. As you investigate Avatar Adi Da's offerings, we also hope you enjoy this compilation of Adidam resources.

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Advocate Newsletter PrototypeCurrent Issue:

Fall 2009
– News about the current moment in Adidam's sacred history, excerpts from Avatar Adi Da's "First and Foremost" Book, The Aletheon (released in September), and a story by devotee Donald Webley about his experience since Avatar Adi Da's Passing.
Recent Issues:
Summer 2009 – This issue introduces the new Third Edition of Avatar Adi Da's remarkable text, Not-Two Is Peace. This is Adi Da's description of how the human sphere of grief and conflict can be transformed into a world of cooperation, tolerance, and peace.

Winter 2009 – Avatar Adi Da passed from the body on November 27, 2008. Excerpts from three of His Talks, spanning 32 years, help devotees and friends relate to His Divine Mahasamadhi and a new form of relationship to the Divine Master.
Fall 2008 – Read an excerpt from My Final Work of Divine Indifference, one of Avatar Adi Da's newest books of essays, and consider joining the Dawn Horse Express publications program.

May/July 2008 – Wes Vaught worked for the publisher of the original Knee of Listening in Atlanta, Georgia. Read his moving story of traveling to Los Angeles in 1972 to meet his Divine Avataric Master for the first time.
Feb/April 2008 – Read an excerpt from the popular new book, The Ancient Walk-About Way: The secret to real Spiritual life is the principle of attraction to the Godman.
Fall 2007 – In this edition of the NW Adidam Advocate, read an excerpt from Adi Da Samraj's new essay, "The Ancient Walk-About Way", a foundation description of the traditional way to relate to Adi Da as Realizer.
July/August 2007 – In this edition of the Northwest Adidam Advocate, read an excerpt from Adi Da Samraj's "Radical" Teaching in The Liberatora description of the ego's search and struggle and Adi Da's advice about how we must get the "usable Lesson of a difficult life".
May/June 2007 – This newsletter offers numerous ways to explore the relationship with Adi Da Samraj: Announcements of the exhibition of His remarkable Image-Art in the internationally renowned 2007 Venice Biennale, new entries on the Adidam Revelation Magazine and the launching of the new Adidam Podcast.
March/April 2007 – This edition of the Northwest Adidam Advocate features an essay from one of Avatar Adi Da's newest books, /i>The Ancient Walk-About Way—"I Am Your Unique Advantage".
January/February 2007 – Featured in this newsletter is an essay from the new book by Avatar Adi Da, Religion and Reality. The essay contrasts exoteric religion in the West with the Eastern orientation.
November/December 2006 – In this issue, we honor the Anniversary of Avatar Adi Da's Divine Incarnation by offering an excerpt from the Adi Da Biography, The Promised God-Man Is Here, by Carolyn Lee, Ph.D.
Archive Issues:
August/September/October 2006 – Read the story of Frank "Cheech" Marrero's encounter with Adi Da's Spiritual Presence in a prison cell and Cheech's subsequent meeting of his Spiritual Master in New York.
June/July 2006 – This issue features a story of how Adi Da Samraj answered a prayer of devotee Wayne Owens; and Adi Da Samraj's story about "Tapioca Pudding".
April/May 2006 – This issue features a story by devotee Elizabeth Lowe and a discourse by Avatara Adi Da Samraj.
February/March 2006 – This issue features a story from Tony Lewis, longtime drummer for Smokey Robinson; Calendar of Events; and a quote from Avatar Adi Da Samraj.
Oct/Nov 2005 – This issue features stories from Jane Lind and Raewyn Bowmar, including the October/November Calendar of Events.
Aug/Sept 2005 – An essay by Adi Da Samraj on the prejudices against the Guru-Devotee tradition which those seeking spiritual Realization must overcome, and a story by devotee Nahshon Nahumi.
Apr/May 2005 – This issue features stories from devotees Katherine Gantz and David Rosen.
Oct/Nov 2004 – This issue features the Spiritually Empowered Sanctuaries of Adidam, created by Adi Da Samraj for the sake of all future generations of humankind.
Aug/Sept 2004 – This issue includes two excerpts from "The Norm of Religious War and the Necessity of Tolerance and Love" on The Universal Problem of the Ego, by Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Also: Caroline Lindsay's story of how she found Adi Da Samraj.
Jun/Jul 2004 – This issue includes an excerpt from the book, Divine Distraction, by James Steinberg. Also: Jean Waters tells the story of how she was a practicing Buddhist, and how she found her Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj.