The Great Process comes about when the Divine Intervenes, Appears, Incarnates, Blesses, Teaches the understanding and the transcending of ego – such that the direct Divine Blessing may be received and the Great Divine Yoga may be entered into. This is What I Do. —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Welcome to Adidam Northwest

Avatar Adi Da SamrajAdidam is the Reality-Way established by Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Our Adidam cooperative culture is in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and we are part of a global community of men and women who are devotees of Avatar Adi Da and practice the Way that He has given

If you are looking for Truth, you have come to the right place! During His Lifetime, Avatar Adi Da created a vast written and spoken Teaching that makes sense out of everything human and Spiritual. And Avatar Adi Da Samraj forever communicates the Ultimate Spiritual Truth directly to all, because He is the Transcendent Reality and Force That is Always Already the Case. Avatar Adi Da Reveals the True Identity of all beings and invites every one to Realize that same Identity, prior to the appearance of body, mind, world, and all objects and knowledge. Adi Da Samraj offers everyone a relationship to the Divine Reality—a transformative relationship that liberates the being from suffering and draws each beyond the illusions of separation and difference to Spiritual Awakening as that Great Truth Itself.

We invite you to explore these pages and discover more about Avatar Adi Da, Who He Is, and how you can have contact with His Divine Presence and His eternal Transcendental Spiritual Gifts. Events and study groups are held in the Seattle area and in other areas affiliated with Adidam Seattle—including Vancouver, British Columbia, and Portland, Oregon. The worldwide list of Adidam regional gatherings is found at

You have a great opportunity—the opportunity to discover and be moved at heart by Avatar Adi Da and the Divine Freedom that He Offers and, indeed, Is. Allow Him to transform your life as He has transformed ours. The Reality-Way of Adidam is the Way of Happiness and Freedom from seeking and suffering through relationship with Him. He Blesses all beings as He freely Transmits His Divine Love-Bliss to everyone, now and forever.

There is no Message greater than this!

We look forward to meeting you.
Adi Da's Northwest devotees

You can also visit the global Adidam website to find out about events in other cities and countries, or visit other Adidam websites.