Overview of Exhibits

The history of Adidam is the story of a sacred way of life, developing rapidly over the course of less than one single human lifetime. This history is not a history of a distant past or an ancient people or a lost culture, but it is a history of contemporary individuals being reoriented to, and established in, sacred life in the midst of our common, secular, world society.

The story of Adidam history is the founding of a true sacred culture in a time when we otherwise live wholly in the context of secular activity, without full awareness of, or respect for, or integration with the sacred domain.

Adi Da Samraj with children devoteesUnlike the history of most religious and cultural traditions, which we see today often through hundreds and thousands of years of perspective, the history of Adidam is a "new" history that continues being made today—one we can literally see and actually experience firsthand.

Today, living men and women—individuals of many nationalities, cultural, and social backgrounds—live the Way of Adidam and can tell the firsthand story of their response to this sacred way of life and their experiences of the devotional and Spiritual relationship to Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

This history communicates the living lessons of the cooperative culture of Adidam: what has been required of Avatar Adi Da Samraj to establish a complete and true sacred way of life available to all now and into the future. And this history communicates what has been, and is, and will always be our individual responsibility in response to Avatar Adi Da's Divine Revelation of Reality, Truth, and Real God.

Scope of Exhibits

Our exhibits present the firsthand accounts of individuals reflecting on their experiences of the Way of Adidam and the lessons they have learned through living in devotional relationship to Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

We have created this Adidam Museum to begin to feature these many perspectives on the history of Adidam. Through the current and future exhibits here, we invite you to explore.

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